Why You Need A Game Plan!

What's the secret behind all of the amazing looking athletes you see up on stage at physique competitions?

It happens to be the same secret weapon behind the amazing LSF transformation pictures we see on social media that inspire us to improve.

It's even responsible for the success of the top athletes on the planet...

Want to know what the secret is?

They follow a plan!

You may have heard the quote:

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

Those that are pushing themselves to their limits, improving every day, challenging themselves, and lifting the bar, they are following a plan! No matter what their goal, they surround themselves with a team of experts and they work together to formulate a plan that breaks down what they need to do each and every day to get them where they want to go.

So the question is, how can everyday people follow in the footsteps of these high performers to achieve their dreams?

The first step is realising that high performers are only different from your average person in one way - they TAKE ACTION in the pursuit of their dreams. They don’t just wish for it, they WORK for it!

The next step is formulating your plan. This is where I come in!

If your goals relate to improving your lifestyle, health, fitness and overall physique, I can help. I have helped thousands of #LSFbabes all over the world through my training and nutrition plans that take their goals, training experience and preferences into account. This has allowed them to have access to their own health and fitness experts (my LSF team), arming them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

The Benefits to Following a Plan

  • Support

Do you sometimes wonder if your form is correct? Or maybe you are unsure how to choose the right weight for you? When your chosen plan offers support you have access to experts that can help answer these questions for you! Depending on whether you choose to sign up with an in-person program or an online trainer, you will experience different benefits. Online programs often provide extended support hours so you have someone there for you whenever you need them. There is no correct option here, and it’s best to choose based on your needs!

Throughout my plans you get 24/7 support, whether it’s my LSF exclusive facebook forum or from my team of health and fitness pros that are just an email away. Having that support can also provide a source of motivation when you’re feeling flat, or an expert opinion when you’re just not sure of the right move. 

  • Community

When you join a gym, attend a class, sign up to a fun run or a challenge, you’re not just signing up to the activity, you’re signing up to the experience and the community that goes with it! This connects you to a group of people with similar interests and goals to you, as well as a huge collective wealth of support, knowledge and experience.





You are part of an amazing online community when you follow an LSF plan - myself, my team and the other challengers will keep you accountable and cheer you on through our facebook forum and online support. We are all positive and encouraging and real! We share our wins and we also share our struggles and help to keep each other on track even when things are tough or someone has fallen off track.  


  • Provides you with a step by step guide

This will help you to gain the confidence you need to push yourself. You can have faith in the fact that the plan you are following is tried and tested, allowing you to trust the process.

  • Tracking

Planning allows you to keep track of your wins, and helps you to work on your weaknesses.

  • The thinking is done for you. All that is left for you to do is follow the plan!

This is what I love about running my programs - if one of my clients just needs to switch off from overthinking I have taken care of everything for them. But at the same time, I love providing my #LSFbabes with opportunities for education, as I beleive this is the true key to conquering your own health and fitness goals for life!

So if you jump on board with one of my customised programs you can move forward with confidence, knowing you are TAKING POSITIVE ACTION in the direction of your goals.

‘There will never be the perfect moment. Take each day as an opportunity to take action. You have the power to make a change. You owe it to yourself'