#SquatGoals: How To Beat Your PB

#SquatGoals: How To Beat Your PB


One of the key factors in the amazing results myself and my #LSFbabes see is that we aren’t just focused on getting the body of our dreams. Yes, we train to look good, and that is a huge motivator, but I also believe a secret weapon in turning around your health and fitness comes down to seeing progress in your training.

To understand what I’m talking about, all you need to do is listen to the testimony of my clients - they love the changes they see in their bodies, and they are also empowered and driven by how much stronger they have become! One of the fundamental exercises you will see me prescribe to my clients is the squat. It is so important when it comes to shaping your body and is also a key exercise in creating a strong base of support for everyday movements. So what are my tips to helping my #LSFbabes make such exciting progress with their squat strength in the gym?

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Dial your technique

I believe that we all have something to learn, whether you’re a gym beginner or have been lifting your whole life. But we all have to start somewhere and the first thing you need to be working on is your squat technique. If you are new to training, a great way to get an idea of what your squat should look like is to check out @LaurenSimpsonFitness on Instagram. There are countless posts that will give you handy tips to help improve your squat technique. If you want to take it one step further, you can sign up for one of my programs, where you will receive access to demonstration videos. These will show you exactly what to aim for with your squats and every possible variety you could imagine!

It is important to mention that form should be the main focus of your squat, not how much you have on the bar - that will come later! Get your technique really solidified first, then start to add weight. But do not lift so much that your technique suffers! This is not just to avoid injury but also to make sure you are activating your muscles in an optimal and effective way.

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Mix things up

You might think that the only way to beat a PB is to just do lots and lots of reps of squats. But if you incorporate a few variations of squatting into your plan, you will hit those muscles from all angles, without fatiguing your body the way you would if you were just doing the same thing every day.

My programs include many different exercises that will improve your lifting performance and at the same time, this keeps your program feeling fresh and exciting! Effective squat variations include front squat, low back/ high bar squat, sumo squats, box squats, and many, many other options.

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Vary your rep range

If you have been working towards improved body composition, you may have been completing around 8-15 reps of your exercises. For improvements in strength, research shows that a lower rep range, of around 3-5 reps, is more effective. Now don’t worry, I’m not asking you to trade in your body goals for strength ones, you can have your cake and eat it! The idea here is to do some of your squat work in the lower, strength-improving range, as well as some work in the hypertrophy rep range.

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If you want to further challenge yourself, you can also adjust your tempo by increasing your TUT (aka time under tension). You can also change up your reps by adding in pulses, pauses and half reps. This will fatigue the muscles in a new and challenging way and can be an extra tool in your belt for improving your strength.

Train your core

Many people don’t really have an appreciation for how instrumental the core is in almost all lifting exercises. Having a well-developed core is essential in keeping your body healthy whilst training, as well as in giving you a seamless lift. When you are squatting ensure your core is activated throughout the exercise, and incorporate regular core training into your program.

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Warm up properly

I can’t stress enough how important it is to warm up thoroughly when pushing your body to its max in the gym. A proper warm won’t just help keep you fighting fit, it will also improve your performance throughout your session and beyond! You may think that a quick 5-minute jog on the treadmill is enough to prep your bod for action, but when you are going for squat PBs, a little more attention is required.

  • • You should start with a full body aerobic activity that raises your heart rate and gets the blood flowing.

  • • Next, you want to get those muscles and joints moving smoothly through their maximum range of motion by either doing some dynamic stretches or some gentle foam rolling (better yet, do both!).

  • • Next up is some bodyweight exercises that focus on the lower body, such as body weight squats, lunges, etc.

  • • Plus it is a great idea to use your booty band to complete a few rounds of glute activation exercises.

  • • The last step of your warm is to simply squat with sub-max weight, and gradually increase the weight with each set you perform.

Warming Up

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