Traditional Valentines day gifts aren’t really the healthiest; all that chocolate and indulgence may not be the most thoughtful gift for your health-conscious sweetheart!

However, you can show your significant other how much you care by opting for a fit-gift instead of a fat-gift this February 14! ;)

Keep reading below for some of my top ideas this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t even have to be for your significant other - show your amazing gym buddy, best friend, sister, mum, some love too!

1. Online Fitness Plans

Online training and meal plans are the perfect way to connect your health-conscious loved ones with their favorite trainer! If you’re currently doing an LSF plan, or have done one before, be sure to gift your S.O. with a brand new workout routine that you love and recommend! Sometimes, there is no better gift than valuable information that can help them further their fitness journey, be it in the gym or the kitchen! The best part is that they are accessible from anywhere and are downloadable, so my programs really are the gift that keeps on giving! Not sure which program to pick? Give them the gift of choice by getting him/her an LSF gift card today.


2. Supplement stacks

Supplement stacks are a great way to get a lot of great products at a discounted price. In addition, you’ll be getting things that work well individually, but even better when used together in a stack. There are supplement stacks for a wide variety of goals including muscle building, boosting recovery, and gaining strength. I have arranged an entire line-up of stacks for various goals, click here and check them out!

3. Gym membership voucher

Gym memberships can be expensive, and while they are often deemed essential, they are also something of a luxury. Forking out $$$ can really sting, so why not lessen the blow by giving a gym membership voucher. It’s probably best you buy one for the gym that the he/she already uses, unless they have specifically said they want to swap training venues.

4. Workout clothes

New workout clothes are always well-received – even if it’s just a six-pack of gym socks. Training hard, combined with frequent washing, means that most gym clothes are done after a season or two, so replacements are always welcome! Take note of sizing, colours, and preferred styles by taking a sneaky peak in their laundry basket. Hold your nose though! Good options include vests, shorts, t-shirts, the aforementioned gym socks and any other suitable training apparel.

5. Bluetooth headphones

Ahhh… music - the great motivator that can make or break a workout! With the right musical accompaniment, no workout is too tough. If the tunes are wrong, those five kilo dumbbells can feel like a 50!

Bluetooth headphones means no more sweaty wires and no more discomfort! It makes a workout much more convenient and comfortable. Just pop on your headphones, pair it with your chosen device and then leave it out of the way so you can focus 100% on your workout.

Choose headphones designed especially for exercise as these tend to have the best noise cancelling and are also usually sweat-proof.

6. Training accessories

Tailor his or her workouts with training accessories! From beanies to keeping your head warm in early morning outdoor workouts, to sports bags to keep your workout gear organised, any training accessory will make a very-welcomed present. Other great options include protein shaker bottles, water bottles, knee and elbow sleeves, weight training belts, wrist straps and training gloves.

7. Activity trackers

Not so many years ago, activity trackers were unreliable, impractical, bulky and not to mention, expensive. Nowadays, they are so much more affordable, have a sleek design and much more accurate. Most can be used in conjunction with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop and are a great way to track activity for fitness and fat loss. Some simply count steps and calories, while others track far more – such as heart rate and distance travelled – be that walking, running, swimming, or cycling. If you know someone who is a statistics nut, they’ll love using an activity tracker. Just make sure that whichever one you buy is compatible with their preferred electrical device i.e. iOS, Android, Windows etc.

8. Training diary

If you aren’t recording your workouts in a diary, you’ll never make meaningful progress from your training. Okay, so never is a bit strong, but the odds are certainly stacked against you! Training log apps are okay, but using one means you have to carry your phone around with you during your workout, and that can soon become an unnecessary distraction. A proper training diary, that you actually write in, is a much better option and it won’t matter if you drop it or spill your water on it either!


Since you've made it this far, here is one more awesome present that never goes unappreciated, particularly if your partner is prone to tight muscles, bad posture or isn't the most flexible!

9. A massage voucher

Now, by massage, I don’t mean a relaxing session at your local spa - I mean a full body SPORTS MASSAGE! Most exercise-goers are, in some way or another, carrying some serious tension in their muscles. A massage could be the ideal solution for loosening these muscle fibres up. A massage voucher will show that you care about his/her health, which will be very much appreciated. Also, most exercisers will see a massage as a luxury and they’ll appreciate it all the more because of it!

So what will you be getting your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Got friends also stuck on ideas? Share this article with them to encourage and ensure the healthiest Valentine’s day to date!

Show you care by getting any of these thoughtful presents for the fitness enthusiast in your life! If you're looking to get your significant other a fitness plan, click HERE! For a supplement stack to help their training, click HERE.