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Building lean muscle and strength is a science - it requires the perfect combination of nutrition, training and supplements. My Ultimate Lean and Strong Stack has all of your supplement needs to cover you from pre-workout to post-workout.

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Are you doing everything you can to achieve the body of your dreams? Working out is only half the battle! The combination of the right training, nutrition, and supplementation will build the physique you deserve. I’ve personally selected these supplements from my amazing sponsors EHPlabs, with new plant-based protein options available, to help you train at your peak and accelerate your recovery after sessions, as well as maximize the results you’ll get from your workout!

Choose your protein powder: Blessed Plant-Based Protein, or IsoPept Zero post-workout protein. Blessed Plant Protein helps you meet your daily protein requirements, use as a meal replacement, or add to recipes to make them taste delicious all while assisting with recovery, weight loss and lean muscle development! With IsoPept Zero you can drastically reduce recovery time by limiting muscle soreness, and make sure those fatigued muscles are provided with a direct source of fuel for growth and repair.

Go for RPMax Pre-Workout if you want to improve your energy levels, focus and recovery during your workout, getting you ‘in the zone’ for an intense workout time after time. Or alternatively with non-stimulant PSI, meticulously engineered to boost physical performance during exercise by enhancing natural energy production and vasodilation. 

Intra-workout supplement Beyond BCAA will ensure that you maximize protein synthesis and development of lean muscle mass, limit lactic acid, cortisol and other stress hormone release. 

In addition, Crea-8 Creatine Monohydrate will assist in strength, endurance and muscle growth, without excessive water retention or bloating.

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RP Max

Take 1 scoop of RP Max with 8-10 oz (240-295 mL) water 15-20 minutes before your workout. DO NOT exceed 2 scoops per day. To get the most benefit out of RP Max, we recommend that you only use it on training days and avoid use within 5 hours of your bedtime due to its stimulant-based nature. 

IsoPept® Zero

Mix 1 scoop of IsoPept® Zero with 6-8 ounces of chilled water or non-fat milk in a shaker bottle. Adjust liquid level to suit your taste and level of flavor intensity. Consume within 10 minutes post-workout as a fast absorbing protein source, or anytime of the day as your dietary needs require.

Beyond BCAAS

Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-10 Ounces (240 - 295 ml) water and consume during your workout and/or throughout the day to maximise muscle recovery and limit muscle tissue breakdown.


Consume 5 grams of CREA-8 with 8 Ounces (240 ml) of water or mix with OxyWhey Lean Protein post workout. During loading phase (1 week), consume 10 grams of CREA-8 pre and post workout with 8 ounces (240 ml) water.


Supplement Facts

RP Max

 RP Max Ingredient Profile

Chocolate Decadence IsoPept® Zero

Beyond BCAAS





IsoPept® Zero is gluten free. During the ultra filtration process, undesirable components and allergens of whey protein are removed - this includes lactose and fat. There may still be traces of lactose present in IsoPept® Zero and if you have lactose allergies, you should test your tolerance levels prior to consistently consuming IsoPept® Zero. 


EHPlabs is renowned in the industry as having the best flavor scientists and formulators. All IsoPept® Zero flavors are delicious, and your choice will depend on your personal taste and flavor inclinations. What we know for sure is that when you’re drinking IsoPept® Zero, you’ll think you’re drinking a delicious, smooth milkshake.

How does Beyond BCAA help while dieting?

Beyond BCAA contains high levels of leucine, which is an essential amino acid required for muscle protein synthesis to ensure your muscles do not break down while you are dieting and training. Beyond BCAA also contains important electrolytes, including coconut water, to ensure that you remain hydrated, and the full B vitamin spectrum to promote natural energy production. 

What kind of results can I expect from taking Beyond BCAA?

Beyond BCAA will dramatically reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.  There will also be a noticeable difference in your muscle recovery time and your general well-being.
When’s the best time to take CREA-8?

There is no scientific research that provides evidence for optimal creatine monohydrate consumption timing.  However, it is important to ensure that you consistently consume CREA-8 on a daily basis to ensure that your muscles are saturated with creatine monohydrate to promote cell volumization, muscle hydration and increased endurance.

Will CREA-8 cause water retention?

The natural biological response by the body from consuming creatine monohydrate is to retain water in the muscle cells.  Excessive water retention and bloating is a side effect of poor quality creatine monohydrate.  CREA-8 is the best quality German grade creatine monohydrate and will not lead to excessive water retention.  However, if you are competing in bodybuilding/fitness show or you want to remain extra dry in appearance (dehydrated), we recommend to hold off using CREA-8

I heard that creatine is a chemical - Is CREA-8 safe to consume?

Creatine monohydrate is a safe supplement that has been used in fitness and bodybuilding for decades. It is a combination of three different amino acids: glycine, arginine and methionine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Scientific studies suggest that creatine monohydrate increases fat free mass, anaerobic strength and power.

How many servings of RP Max can I take per day?

We recommend taking no more than 2 scoops of RP Max pre-workout per day. You should test your tolerance to stimulants by starting with ½ a scoop of RP Max and building up from there.

Compared to other pre-workouts I’ve used in the past, what makes RP Max unique?

Rather than overloading RP Max pre-workout with every possible ingredient, the scientists at EHPlabs focused on ensuring that the key attributes of a top quality pre-workout were focused on. RP Max pre-workout provides the optimal central nervous system and adrenal gland stimulation to trigger a positive homeostatic energy release, improved cognitive ability, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. RP Max pre-workout is also scientifically balanced to prevent a negative feedback physiological response to mitigate against post-workout stimulant crashes adrenal gland exhaustion.

Why is RP Max such a fast acting product?

RP Max pre-workout includes an ingredient called “Bioperine”. Bioperine is a trademarked ingredient that promotes the bio-availability of the CNS and adrenal stimulant active ingredients. As such, your body is able to absorb the various active ingredients at a faster rate, which promotes an almost immediate physiological and mental reaction.

How long before my workout should I take RP Max?

Consume RP Max pre-workout approximately 15-20 minutes prior to your workout to allow for maximum absorption.

Will RP Max give me a tingling sensation?

Yes, you will experience a slight tingling sensation around your mouth area from consuming 1 to 2 servings of RP Max pre-workout. The cause of this tingling sensation is anamino acid ingredient called Beta Alanine, which when clinically dosed, promotes muscular endurance, anaerobic running capacity, power output and reduced muscular fatigue.

Will I experience any post workout crash after consuming RP Max pre-workout?

RP Max pre-workout should not cause any post workout crash as it focuses on stimulating the central nervous system and reducing the blood brain barrier to improve focus and cognitive ability. There is also a limited amount of caffeine,which ensures that you do not burn out your adrenal glands and release excessive cortisol (stress hormone which causes post workout crashes).

Do I have to take RP Max on an empty stomach?

When taken on an empty stomach, you will increase your ability to absorb RP Max pre-workout more efficiently and maximize the effects of this pre-workout.

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