What is the secret behind all of the amazing looking athletes you see up on stage at physique competitions? It happens to be the same secret weapon behind those amazing transformation pictures we see on social media that inspire us to improve. It is even responsible for the success of the top athletes on the planet. Want to know? They follow a plan!

Not Feeling 100%?

24th Jun 2018

Tiredness, illness, injury, and brief bouts of lost motivation can mean you don’t always feel like training. However, we exercisers are a stubborn bunch and often don’t want to take time off unless it’s absolutely necessary. In this post I’ve compiled some common ailments in order to help you determine whether to train or rest.

Winter Training

17th Jun 2018

Training in the winter can be tough. I know I would rather curl up on the sofa with some comfort food than brave the bad weather and head off to the gym. While it’s very tempting to take a break from training during the winter months, a healthy lifestyle is a year-round commitment. Use these tips to help you power through your chilly winter sessions.

Winter Nutrition

14th Jun 2018

Winter and comfort food go hand in hand, but we don’t really associate warm, comfort food with being healthy. So this winter why not set the goal of making comfort foods that are nutrient dense and good for you? This way, you won’t come out the other side of winter wishing you had eaten better, you will hit spring on track and ready to progress to the next level! Read on to find out my tips!

Winter Mindset

6th Jun 2018

UNFORTUNATELY, for a lot of us, Winter can really challenge our best exercise and healthy eating intentions! Bad weather, less sunlight, and a general feeling of listlessness can have you making like a bear and hibernating until spring! When it comes to using a positive mindset to continue to achieve your goals throughout winter, there are a few components that you will need - good goal setting, a motivating reason to change and some strategies in place to help you deal with the unique winter challenges. In this article I want to give you some simple, practical advice that will keep you on track this winter.

Today I want to chat about something I get asked about Every. Single. Day... Results. I’m going to be real with you on this topic, and some of the truths I’m about to spill may be hard to hear. BUT I believe that only with honesty and full disclosure, in this world of social media, body comparison and transformation pictures, can we truly understand an individual’s health and fitness journey. Read on.

If you want to get leaner, you are going to have to clean up your diet. This may involve making some challenging changes to your diet that may be hard to stick to, this is where ‘cheat meals’ come in. Part 4 of my Macro Basics articles takes you through everything you need to know about treat/cheat meals. Enjoy!

I hate feeling bloated and often leads to me feeling like I’m failing my diet and I’m never going to look my best again! I’ve learnt that this is just normal and I try do the best I can to manage it. Here are some of my tips to help with bloating. Happy reading!

Motivation, Reimagined

21st May 2018

Motivation is such a valuable tool when chasing your health and fitness dreams. When you’ve got plenty of it, sticking to your workout schedule and diet plan is a breeze. But, when your motivation levels are low, even thinking about exercise or eating healthily simply seems too hard. Today I want to reimagine motivation, and show you that it is a muscle that can be strengthened with consistency and practice. Take my tips for setting yourself up for success and watch your motivation follow!

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