Training in the winter can be tough. I know I would rather curl up on the sofa with some comfort food than brave the bad weather and head off to the gym. While it’s very tempting to take a break from training during the winter months, a healthy lifestyle is a year-round commitment. Use these tips to help you power through your chilly winter sessions.

1. Train at home

If bad weather makes you want to stay home, don’t skip your workout – do a home-based training session instead! You don’t actually need any equipment at all to work every muscle in your body. But having an exercise mat, a skipping rope, some booty bands and a plan will keep you progressing towards your goals.

Plan your training session in advance so you know exactly what you want to do and to ensure your workout is as effective as possible. Set up a training schedule, and plan sessions for both gym-based training and the at-home alternatives. We know that summer bodies are made in the winter, but don’t forget that a healthy lifestyle is a year-round commitment!

Check out below, where I have provided a home-based session for you to try next time you can’t make it to the gym. And if you know getting to the gym will be impossible, I’ve got a 4 week home based training program that will have you covered!

2. Dress in layers

When the weather is cold you will want to wrap up extra warm for your workout. Instead of wearing one thick layer which makes controlling your temperature difficult, dress in layers so you can vent as you heat up. You can also opt for intelligent training gear that is can help keep you warm and dry as you build up a sweat. There is even activewear that is made to help regulate your body temperature these days!

3. Sanitise

Going to the gym should be a healthy experience, but it can also be a source of illness and infection – especially during the winter. Avoiding all germs and infections is impossible, but you can reduce your risk of catching an unwanted illness by using a hand sanitiser throughout your session. Also, for the sake of your fellow gym goers and for self-protection, place a towel on all benches and wipe them down with antibacterial wipes once you are done. The gym should provide the wipe, but if they don’t make sure you ask them to. Finally, if you have a communicable illness such as a cold, avoid spreading your woes by steering clear of the gym until you are better.

4. Hydrate

You might not sweat as much during the winter months, but you are still losing water when you exercise. You might not be thirsty – cold weather tends to discourage thirst – but you still need to drink plenty of water. Your intake of hot drinks will probably increase during those colder winter months, and they can contribute to your water intake. However, remember that caffeinated drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate can increase urine output and that could mean you aren’t getting as much fluid as you thought. So make sure you keep sipping your water bottle throughout the day, as well add some extra hydration around your training sessions. You can sip on Beyond BCAAs to give your body an extra boost of hydration as well help it recover from your session.

5. Sign up to a training program or challenge

If you know you will find it hard to stick to your training commitments on your own, signing up to a program that takes the thinking out of planning your meals and sessions can help. Many programs offer online support and a community atmosphere that keep you both accountable and motivated! My training programs offer access to my support team 24/7 so if you need encouragement, support or advice, help is just a click away! Click here to find out which of my programs is best for you, or email my team at

To get you on top of the 3 pillars of fitness this winter, I have also covered winter mindset and nutrition. It takes a strong mind and body to stay fit and healthy year round, but I know you can do it!

Love Lauren