Why You Should Mix Up Your TrainingLauren Simpson Fitness | FIT Challenge 2.0

Although having a structured workout routine is great for progress and working towards a long term goal, there are also many benefits of changing up your training style too! Especially if you have spent a significant amount of time doing a similar routine. 

When you do the same thing day in and day out, your body adapts. This is why we talk about progressive overload. You need to be constantly increasing either your weights, sets, reps or intensity. By taking a few weeks of trying something new, your body is going to be exposed to a whole new variety of ways that it has to move and lift! It is likely that you will find it tough at first, however by pushing through that difficulty, your body will also adapt to this new style of training, get better at it and may even help you push through any plateaus you could be experiencing within your normal routine.Lauren Simpson Fitness BlogYour athletic ability has a surprising effect on your progress lifting weights. The most effective way to build muscle is to lift moderate to heavy weights for 6-15 repetitions, constantly overloading them. Quite often we will feel our muscles burning toward the end of our sets and reps, and it can be so hard to push through that pain until the end! By utilising a cross-training style method within our routine, we can improve this muscular endurance and help us to push through that burn and be constantly increasing our weights. Cross-training will include a mixture of explosive power exercises, cardio-based exercises and traditional lifts in a circuit style manner. This could be performing a specific amount of rounds, or just as many rounds as you can within the time frame. All of these factors are going to challenge your athletic performance and improving your muscular endurance! Your glutes will be ready to rep out those hip thrusts.Lauren Simpson Fitness BlogCoordination, balance and motor skills are hugely important for our bodies right now, but they are also going to be such importance skills later in life too! All of these things are going to make our everyday activities so much easier. From walking up stairs to moving boxes, we take these abilities for granted while we are young. However in the years to come, we will naturally be less able to do these things with ease. By utilising athletic exercises and styles of training that challenge our stability, coordination, and fitness, our future selves will be thanking us!Lauren Simpson Fitness BlogBy performing new movements you will be using muscles that you didn’t know you had! Think of a plank, it seems so simple, however many people struggle to hold it for minutes at a time. These deep stability muscles do not get used as much during sit-ups, which is why a plank hold can be so difficult. The same is said for exercises that require more explosive power, for example box jumps. The explosive movement is going to recruit muscles that do not get used in a normal squat. There are small muscles during our usual routine that we are not utilising, and by mixing our training up and trying different styles, it is likely that you will wake up with sore muscles that you didn't know existed!

Try this quick circuit that is straight from my new FIT Challenge 2.0Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | WorkoutNow that my prep for WBFF Worlds is over, I have taken a more relaxed approach to my routine. This means mixing things up and having fun with my training, so the launch of FIT Challenge 2.0 is such perfect timing! I can’t wait for you to get started and challenge your body in new and different ways.

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