What Body Type Are You Trying to Achieve?

I think it is most girl’s constant battle to achieve the body of their dreams. Because we are often comparing ourselves to other people, sometimes the body we long for may be almost “unattainable”. I know girls, it’s not easy. I can seriously relate because a part of my job literally requires me to be scored on the way I look. This is something I have taken the time to work on becoming mentally resilient to. I recognise that yes, I am frequently critiqued and compared to others, but the only person I am ever in competition with is myself. What I bring to the stage, how I live my day to day life… It’s not about anyone else but me!

It is all about staying in my lane and focusing on what I am doing!

Knowing that I am only in competition to myself makes my goals so much more achievable. I am gunning for those goals for the right reasons, for me and no one else. I am not waking up every day with the mindset to be or look like a particular person. I am waking with the attitude of being the most sensational version of myself. You can never fail if you are competing with you! Particularly, when each day is a new opportunity to improve on the girl you were yesterday!

I want my #LSFBABES to have the same mentality! To be able to create their own personal goals, and be in competition with themselves only. Yes, you can absolutely be inspired by the extraordinary things others achieve, but that’s where the line should be drawn. Appreciate and get straight back into what you are going for!

With this in mind, I have created my #GOALGETTER challenge. The reason I have created this challenge is because I have so many girls that are all at different stages of their fitness journey. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t matter where you are at in your journey, you have the opportunity to attain whatever goal you want to! To become whoever you want to be and achieve the body of YOUR dreams. And, in the process you get to learn how to start loving how you eat and train!

If you are frustrated with not getting results, doing programs that aren’t tailored to what your specific goals and are ready to finally drop body fat %, or build muscle, or tone and shred… This LSF Challenge is for you!

Today, I want to break it all down for you girls so that you know what GOAL you should be going after. I’m going to give you a little breakdown guide of the training plans from the #GoalGetter challenge so you can choose the right goal for you and your body type...



Goal + Focus

  • • Programming focuses on maximising energy expenditure.

  • • Great for anyone new to my programs and new to the gym!

  • • Also very effective for intermediate and advanced girls, as you will be able to push yourself like never before.

  • • I also provide optional advanced components in your training sessions.

Training Day Split

  • • 5-6 days Weights + Cardio

Training style

  • • Weights training with higher volume of sets and reps with shorter rest periods to get you fat burning for the whole workout.

  • • Lower + Upper body split

  • • HIIT cardio + circuits in this program

Who should choose this program?

If  you want to

  • • Shred body fat %

  • • Improve total body conditioning

  • • Improve fitness levels

  • • Build lean muscle



Do you want to build muscle and refine shape?

GOAL + Focus

I designed this program for those looking to:

  • • Build muscle

  • • Create shape

  • • Fine-tune a strong, lean and feminine body

This training plan incorporates methods I've used to build muscle and create the shape I have today!

Will I still lose fat %?

  • • Yes, you can still lose fat while doing Build!

  • • Your nutrition will ultimately dictate your fat loss. You will be in a calorie deficit if you want to drop body fat %.

Training Day Split

  • • 5-6 day workouts  

  • • Weights focused

  • • Optional Cardio

  • • Periodised step target

Training Style

  • • Sets and reps will start in the higher range and progress downwards as the challenge progresses, in order to  stimulate both strength and muscle growth.

  • • Weights focused - Lower + Upper Body split

  • • Learn NEW training methods: Differing tempos, paused reps, 1 & ¼ reps, and so much more!

Who should choose this program?

If you want to

  • • BUILD lean muscle

  • • Want to create shape

  • • Fine-tune a strong + lean feminine body

  • • Learn the optimal training methods to maximise muscle growth



Are you an advanced girl wanting to step up your training?

Goal + Focus

  • • Build muscle + practice advance lifting techniques

  • • The gym isn’t always just for looking good in the mirror, it’s important to have other goals such as getting strong!

  • • It’s fun, motivating and keeps you on track with your progress when you are hitting new numbers each week! It feels good and is so empowering!!!

Training Day Split

  • • Advanced programming

  • • 5 days of weights

  • • Lower / Upper body split

  • • No cardio

  • • Periodised daily step target

Training Style

  • • Rep ranges will vary throughout the challenge. However, as the focus is strength development you will be working at the lower rep ranges frequently. The lower rep range will allow you to go HEAVY.

  • • Focus on the BIG compound lifts: Squat, deadlift, hip thrust, presses and pulls.

  • • If you have done a recent transformation, this option would be ideal for you!

  • • Continue working on your body while now challenging yourself to strength goals.

  • • This program is great for giving you a break from dieting down.

  • • Develop your body by giving it a different stimulus.

  • • Bring up your calories and focus on getting stronger!

Who should do this program?

Strong is perfect for you if you want to

  • • Increase your strength

  • • Further develop your skills of the basic compound lifts

  • • Build muscle and create shape

  • • Learn more advanced training methods

  • • Have done 3+ LSF programs before or have been lifting for 2+ years

  • • Are ready to eat in a calorie surplus to fuel your performance and grow!


I cannot wait to take on this incredible challenge with you girls! I am currently following the SHRED program to drop some body fat in anticipation of a photoshoot!

Which #GOALGETTER are you?

If you have any further questions email my support team - support@laurensimpsonfitness.com

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