WBFF Worlds 2019 Update

Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | QuoteWhen I stepped on stage for the WBFF Worlds on Saturday, I had one thing on my mind. To beat the girl that took the crown in 2018. For 12 months I have had this on my mind. Every lift, every meal, and every effort! In the time leading up to the competition, I knew without a doubt that I had to beat that girl. It didn’t matter what I placed in the competition or anyone else’s package. Because I was in the competition for myself, and the only comparison I made was with me! No, I didn’t win the title, but for me, the crown doesn’t mean as much as what I think of myself. 

What I have learnt over my years of competing can absolutely be applied to any of my #LSFbabes… 

  1. 1. You are only ever in competition with yourself: Remove the comparison and self-criticism from everything you do, stay in your lane and keep on bettering yourself! When you do see someone achieving something extraordinary? Don’t doubt yourself, just do it better! 

  2. 2. Celebrate Your Achievements (no matter the result): You know… I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little disappointed that I didn’t win. It is in an athlete’s nature to want to win! I am naturally a very competitive person. But it’s important to be proud of what you have achieved. I look back at the months of discipline, sacrifice and what I brought to stage. I know that I did everything I possibly could to bring my best. This year, there were just two beautiful girls who did it better! 

  3. 3. Use your Loss for Fuel: Losing is not the worst thing. Whenever I lose something in life, or fail… I just come back firing harder than ever! Believe me, your girl has got some pretty epic things coming! The worst thing that you can do is let your past hinder your future. Refocus and get ready to go hard! 

  4. 4. Cheer Your Competition On: I am so damn proud of the girls I was able to stand alongside this competition. The fact that there was such fierce level of girls competing kept me accountable every step of the way! Shout out to the winner Rachel and top 5, my fellow EHP babe athletes, Gigi and Amy! Competition is ALWAYS a good thing, girls! It pushes you to new limits! This is why I choose to be an athlete. 

  5. 5. Never Give Up: Now it’s time to adapt and come back firing harder than ever! New day, new moment, your girl is going big!

Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | WBFF Worlds 2019 Line UpThe WBFF Worlds prep has been absolutely incredible for me - I LOVE training hard, following a routine and have a specific focus and work towards. The dedication that goes into a competition prep, especially of this scale, gives me so much pride once I have actually stepped on stage. In saying this, I am also very excited to go back to my normal life and concentrate on things outside of competition prep!!!Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | BeachHaving something to set your mind on is very important, so that you can stay on track and be able to set out specific steps and milestones to reach that goal, however, it is also good to have smaller-scale stepping stones. For example, now that I am finished my competition I want to focus on getting stronger in the gym, and my business and education for outside of the gym! It is great to have a wide range of goals so that you aren’t purely focused on aesthetics for a long period of time. 

A lot of girls ask me how they can achieve my body, or tell me that I am ‘#goals’, and I want you all to remember that this is my job! I need to stay fit and healthy for work, and I need to be shredded to compete. If this wasn’t my full-time job, then I would certainly look a little bit different and have different priorities!Lauren Simpson Fitness BlogIf you work long hours, multiple jobs, don’t have access to a gym or the like - understand that this is okay and completely fine! Acknowledge that there are some things which are difficult to change, but what you do have control of is how organized you are (are you planning your day and week ahead?) and where your priorities lie! It doesn’t mean that you will never achieve the body of your dreams! It’s all about adapting and working with what you do have - could you wake up an hour earlier and pump out a session before the day starts? If you live far from the gym, perhaps a home workout will be more suited to you! Simply being more active throughout the day (lunchtime walks, choosing stairs over escalators, etc.)  can be a very big contributor to increasing your daily activity, too!

Try this quick HOME BOOTY workout that you can do anywhere at any time!Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | WorkoutThis is where ‘balance’ comes in to play. Balance is very different for every person depending on their priorities, it also may change multiple times per year. For me, WBFF Worlds has been my priority for the last few weeks so my ‘balance’ has swayed a little more toward my training and nutrition being on point. For the next few weeks, it is going to be swayed more toward spending time with my loved ones and living a more relaxed life. 

In my LSF programs, I like to create a sustainable approach to living a healthy lifestyle. This means training to fit your lifestyle, eating delicious yet nutrient-dense foods AND focusing on your mindset. My #LSFbabes love their lifestyles and find the perfect ‘balance’ for them, which includes fitness, physique, personal and career aspirations!