The Importance Of Hydration

When it comes to training there is no such thing as too much water. The body is made up of 2/3 water and therefore our most important element that always needs to be replenished. The more exercise we do, the more water we need – simple as that!

A lack of water can lead to health issues such as dehydration, tiredness, headaches, dry skin, dizziness, and in serious cases organ failure. However, plenty of water can have many improvements on the body such as an increased metabolic rate, improved immune function, reduced toxins and many more. But how exactly does more water help you when you’re training hard and working for results?


Water and performance

Did you know that the thirst sensation doesn’t usually kick in until you are already dehydrated? That means that you can become dehydrated in the middle of a workout without even knowing – this dehydration causes fatigue as well as weakens muscle contractions. This means that when you are exercising, your body feels both lethargic and slow to react.

Dehydration causes 3% to 5% less power output, which significantly impacts your performance, especially when you’re lifting heavy!


Water and lean muscle gain

Water is essential for lean muscle growth. When we are dehydrated we lose 3% to 5% power output meaning that we lose a lot of strength during weight training. Water also helps reduce muscle breakdown, as dehydration causes cells to shrink and protein to breakdown without going to the muscle. However, with enough water we can stop this breakdown and allow the body to focus on repair and recovery instead.

Water also aids in digestion, which is key when we are trying to build lean muscle. All the protein, carbs and fats we eat needs to be absorbed into the body properly and water can help with that.


Water and weight loss

Water aids in weight loss due to multiple reasons:

  • It has zero calories so filling up on water is a great idea.
  • Drinking water before a meal can reduce how much you eat.
  • Water helps the body to burn more calories and burn them more efficiently.
  • Hydration helps to increase your energy levels giving you the ability to workout harder.
  • Water aids in digestion and the flushing away of toxins.


Tips on how to drink more water:

  • Aim to drink at least 3L of water per day and even more if you are training more than 4 times per week.
  • Keep a large bottle of water next to your bed, in the car, in your gym bag, and in your workplace.
  • Sip on tea while you are at work or at home. You can make iced tea or hot tea.
  • Eat foods that are rich in water such as fruits, soups and smoothies.
  • Flavor your water to enhance the freshness. You can add mint, cucumber, lemon, herbs or pieces of fruit to make your water tastier.
  • Keep track of what you are drinking and have a daily water intake goal!

Stay hydrated!