Staying Shredded On Holidays

If you are an #LSFbabe then you work hard to get the body you have! My girls know how to train hard, and fuel their bodies in all the right ways. But when it comes to holidays how do you maintain your hard earned body, and also enjoy the moment? Can you fully relax over the holiday period? Should you be counting all your macros on holiday? Will you undo your hard work with a weekend away? I know so many girls worry about these very things! Today, I want to pass on my best tips for taking on your holiday break stress free (particularly with Easter hopping in fast)!

As you girls know with my work I travel for a large portion of the year, I have worked hard on creating a formula that allows me to have balance while I travel, and in general life circumstances. After my years of experience, and lots of trial and error, I now know how to indulge, and maintain results year long round.

Before we hit a long weekend where a lot of you will be on holidays, I want to give you the basics so that you can learn how to not sweat the small stuff over the weekend and on your holidays!

Hold Yourself Accountable

One of the first, and most important factors to consider is how to hold yourself accountable. It is really easy when you are on holidays, or even when you are in social situations to blame others for you not being able to say no. For most it is human nature and much easier to shift the blame onto other people, instead of looking at your own choices. If you are truly looking to make changes that are going to transform your life, I would highly recommend to start looking at your priorities and act accordingly. Be more analytical about what your actions reflect, and say, “was this a situation where I had the choice to make a different decision but chose to blame another?” If you are constantly feeling “peer pressure” from others to give up on your own goals, then you either need to remove yourself from certain circumstances, or put in the time and effort to start to work on self control and prioritisation. That might include being more prepared or knowing how to adapt to the scenario.

I am FREQUENTLY put in positions where it would be easy for me not to have any self control (lucky I don’t love too much sweet food)! But one of the key tips I can give you girls is to not deprive yourself, just remember all things in moderation. You can eat the things you love, just take the time to learn how to make it work with your daily macros. You can absolutely have chocolate, hot cross buns, pasta, alcohol, indulgent meals or donuts without blowing your calories for the week, as long as the majority of your diet is based around healthy foods. It is when we start depriving ourselves of the things we love that you will have these massive “blow outs”!

Know Your Macros

Okay, now I am not telling you that you have to strictly count your macros 24-7, unless you are competing, or on strict shred mode! What I am suggesting is that you are more aware of what you are putting in your body. Flexible dieting comes from acquiring knowledge. With practice, you can learn to look at certain foods, and understand what purpose it serves within your body. In some cases you may be able to guess approximately how many calories it may be. The macro breakdown (carbs, proteins, fats) of commonly eaten foods. And most importantly, does this fit into my day as a whole and serve a purpose for my body or mind?

For many, this process would be completely overwhelming. You have to remember girls, I have spent YEARS counting macros, so I am very aware of what the macronutrient breakdown of foods are!

This is something that I teach all of my #LSFbabes in my programs. If this all new to you, then using my fitness pal, or a similar calorie tracking app, to get a grasp on the basic concepts is a great way to start. You can punch in your days eating, look at the calories, macro split and really start building the knowledge around the nutrient values of foods!

If you are eating out, overestimate. There are always sneaky extra calories (normally the oils they use)! When you take the time to be more aware of what is going into your body, you can actually relax more! Because then you know that it is never as bad as what you think it might be! You just might need to do a little more calorie juggling to make it fit in.

Will Alcohol Ruin Your Results?

Alcohol is just like any other nutrient you are putting in your body. It holds a caloric value and you have to decide whether it has a place in your macros for the day, as well as your overall diet. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, so it holds a high calorie value, but unlike the other macros it provides very few positive nutrients to the body.

The other thing to be aware of with alcohol is that your body will prioritise the metabolism of alcohol. It wants to get it out of your body quick! Which will mean that any calories from food consumed around the same time as alcohol may be more likely to be stored as body fat. It roughly takes about an hour to process one unit of alcohol (the amount in an average alcoholic beverage). In addition alcohol lowers our inhibitions, this can mean that foods we wouldn’t normally consider an appropriate choice are all we feel like. This can be the case the day after as well (hello hangover food).

Alcohol is also dehydrating! When drunk in excess it will make you feel pretty horrible the next day, and can also cause some severe bloating! You will most likely find that if you drink more than 1 or 2 you are less likely to make it to your training session the next day and if you do make it, it’s probably not going to be a great session. In fact the dehydration associated with excessive consumption of alcohol can have a significantly negative impact on your performance in the gym the next day.

Like anything, if you can make it work for your daily calories, and it is something that you really enjoy, then there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be included in your diet. Just be aware of what you are putting in your body, how you feel after and whether it is a priority or a peer pressure!

You Can't Out-Train A Bad Diet

How many times have you hit the gym for hours on end to try and “sweat out” your cheat meal, or meals? This needs to stop immediately girls! It is really simple. You absolutely cannot out train a bad diet. No many how many hours you spend in the gym! This punishment is horrible for your psychological mindset, and will not get you long term results! Life is way too short for this type of behaviour, and you now have the knowledge to not be in this position! This is why being more aware of what is going into your body is so beneficial! The way I like to look at it, is that if you have a few extra calories from the day before… Use that as fuel for a really solid workout! Go and use that burst of energy to work hard in the gym and love every second of it. Exercise is all about nourishing the body! And let’s be honest, if you want to create shape through muscle definition you will need to fuel those muscles with high quality, nutrient dense foods to get the results you’re chasing.

So, this Easter... Or your next holiday break… Time to bring in some new habits! I want more girls to be living in the moment! Know when to say yes, have self control or when to completely reign it in!

Results will only come when you start to decide what is important for you in life!


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