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Over the last few months I have really been focusing on building my knowledge through study and training with industry professionals. This has been so beneficial and has taught me so much more about nutrition and training, and I am so excited to give this back to my #LSFbabes! Everything I do is not only for personal benefit but also to help my girls understand the purpose behind the training they are doing and food that they are eating. A lot of this knowledge is going straight into my brand new challenge, which I am so excited for!

Firstly I would like to distinguish the difference between a program and a challenge. A program is for those long-term goals that you have been dreaming about. Often your main health and physique goals aren’t going to be a quick fix, they will take time and hard work to achieve (which is why they are so rewarding!). A challenge is a fantastic way to really push your boundaries. Having that community to motivate you to get stronger and fitter in those few weeks makes so much difference!

Having that end date is a great motivator to put in as much work as you can throughout. Within my new program you have the choice of SHRED, BUILD or STRONG. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for you ladies to achieve those goals that you have been thinking about. We are going to turn those thoughts into ACTION! And I am here to help you decide which is the best option for you!


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Shred is as the name suggests, a great option if you are looking to shred down. This program will be based around higher intensity training, so you will be losing body fat while still keeping a toned look with high repetition resistance workouts. The meal plan gives great options with high volume foods, so although you are consuming fewer calories you should still feel satisfied! We will be doing a lot of both low and high intensity cardio, so get ready to feel fitter than you ever have before. 

How do you know if you even need to shred down? Generally if you are over 25% body fat and looking to gain muscle in the long-term, then shredding down is a good option for you. If you have recently completed a ‘build’ program or have gone through a phase of gaining muscle, and you are now happy with your muscle mass then you may want to shred down next. This helps you to slightly reduce any body fat that you may have gained and reveal all of that hard work!



Build is for my girls who want to gain lean muscle! This is the perfect program for you if your goal is to build your glutes, your legs and create that nice hourglass shape with your upper body. I spend a lot of my time in this phase of training to ensure that I have enough muscle for when it is time for a competition prep! We will be hypertrophy training, which is lifting weights at moderate repetitions to promote muscle gain. A lot of girls tend to be afraid of the higher calories and seeing the scale weight increase, however it is nothing to be afraid of.

Your body not only needs enough calories to provide energy for your day to day life, but also to fuel your workouts and recovery. You can’t build glutes if you aren’t providing your body with the food to do so! A little bit of fat gain may come with building your muscles, but we are only in a conservative surplus so most of the weight will be muscle gain. With a killer gym program (which I promise you will have), those muscles will be working hard during every session leading to growth over time!


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The Strong program is for ladies who want to feel empowered by lifting heavy weights! We recommend that you do not choose too much of a deficit for your calories if you are doing this program, as you girls will need plenty of energy to progressively overload on your main lifts (hopefully every week!) while maintaining a toned and lean physique. By utilising compound movements at a lower repetition range, we will be focusing on increasing the weight lifted as the program progresses.

Strength is so important for females because we are at more risk of osteoporosis due to our hormonal changes. By strengthening our muscles (and bone density) now, we will reduce the severity later in life! Not only are there so many health benefits, but getting stronger and lifting heavy is just a great way to feel empowered, which is how I want all my girls to feel!

I hope this has helped you to understand each different program and decide on what your goal is going to be! I can’t wait to work with you all and help you to become even more confident and empowered!