So often I get asked about my body transformation - people want to know how I went from skinny to muscular and feminine.

The truth is, it took a long time, consistency and patience.

The process of truly transforming your body, to the point where your weight no longer fluctuates and your strategies become everyday habits, takes a VERY LONG TIME. My personal transformation has happened over several years, but I’m not done yet! I am always on the path to improvement, always trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Traditionally, the most common goal for women has been to ‘lose weight’. Today we are finally realising that weight loss doesn’t necessarily result in a desirable, womanly figure. Back in my younger years, I focussed solely on weight loss - I was very skinny. But this didn’t make me happy. I only started to feel I had a feminine physique that I was proud of when I started strength training. My muscle growth created curves where I had never had them before.

Where to Start?

The best thing about transforming your body is that you can start anytime! You don’t need to hire a trainer, complete a course, or get a specialised education in order to embark upon your journey to improving your physique. All you need is the desire, commitment and the patience to slowly make improvements each day.

The first thing to focus on in this process is your goal. This may require some careful self-reflection in order to work out a goal that is meaningful and achievable. For many, a good place to start is to choose to focus on either fat loss or muscle gain. The goal that you choose will be determined by your current physique, and whether it is more muscular or body fat oriented.

Focusing on Sustainable Fat Loss

If you have a significant amount of body fat, then fat burning will most likely be your choice. In order for the body to burn fat as an energy source, a calorie deficit is required. In contrast, if muscle building is the goal then a slight Calorie surplus is needed. Hence it is very challenging to focus on a goal of both building muscle and losing fat at the same time.

When it comes to decreasing body fat, many people will tell you it simply comes down to calories in versus calories out. In my experience, this isn’t the case. While biologically, this is all that is required for losing body fat, we all know that simply eating less and exercising more can be a significant mental battle as well as a physical one. An approach that combines a modest calorie restriction, frequent strength training, HIIT training and cardio has helped my clients to achieve the bodies they have always dreamed of! If you are looking for a supplement to maximise your fat burning capabilities, check out my EHPlabs weight loss stacks here.

Combining these nutritional and training strategies will allow a slow and steady decline in body fat, paired with increased muscle mass. Ultimately this means a faster metabolism and changes to both your physique and your lifestyle that are sustainable! This is an integral step in achieving your ideal body.

Next Comes Muscle Building

Once your body fat percentage is around the optimal range (20-25%), it’s time to focus on building muscle. This will allow you to create a strong, feminine physique with curves in all your desired right places. When focussing on strength gains, remember that a slight Calorie surplus is best. This provides ample fuel for challenging training sessions, as well as adequate resources to maximise muscle growth and recovery.

Take note - It takes time to grow your muscles!

When following a well-planned nutrition and strength training program, aim for around 0.25 kg of muscle growth per week as a general guideline. Depending on your starting point, growing just a few kilos of muscle can take several weeks or even months. It is important to be patient throughout this process, by gradually progressing your training load and allowing your body ample recovery time. This will allow you to decrease the risk of injury and maximise your progress. If you want some extra nutritional support for those really challenging sessions, you may find sipping Beyond BCAAs before, during or after your session to help with performance and recovery.

Take Away Tips

  1. Dial in your nutrition

Dream bodies are made in the kitchen! If you feel you need nutritional guidance and support, click here to see if one of my meal plans would give you the helping hand you need to get your eating on track!

  1. Don’t rely on the scales!

Transforming your physique involves a combination of muscle growth and fat loss. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will see the dial on the scales move! Muscle weighs more than fat (and takes up less space in the body) so if you are training hard and eating well and the scales aren’t moving, this doesn’t mean your physique isn’t changing. Rely on progress pics, or circumference measurements to track your progress, as well as training goals or training and nutrition plan compliance. Keep your progress pics or measurements to a maximum of once a week.

  1. Follow a well-rounded training program

Following a training plan that incorporates strength training, HIIT and cardio, as well as adequate rest will give your body the best chance of improving its composition, metabolism and recovery. This means you will be able to make changes to your body composition with less risk of burning out, injuring yourself or falling off the wagon. My training plans incorporate all of these components, click here to see which one is right for you!

The Only Way Is UP!

The process of transforming your body is unique for each person, but if your methods utilise well-planned training and nutrition programs that incorporate sustainable lifestyle changes, then the sky is the limit! Let’s get it girl!

My Power Booty Challenge is now open for sign ups for girls wanting to focus on building their glute muscles! The 8 weeks will be filled with my top booty-growing exercises will also include full body workouts and HIIT because I understand the importance of limiting muscle imbalances and reducing fat storage in undesired areas of the body!

I will be completing this challenge alongside all my girls who sign up! It begins 16th April and spots are limited!