One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how do I stay so motivated, and consistent with diet and training?

The truth of it all? I, just like you have weak moments!

Social media has an amazing skill of persuasion. It tricks you into thinking that the people you follow are “perfect” all the time. In reality, we are just humans as well! There will be days where we overcome mental hurdles to achieve the extraordinary. There will also be times where we slip up, want to give up, and are exhausted from the process. We just might not talk to you about it that much on that day!!!

I think the reason that so many influencers and trainers put up this “guard” is because they are afraid of what people will think. You see, the issue with being a role model is that there are so many individuals being affected by your: choices, decisions, and opinions. If you are having a bad day, or if you aren’t feeling motivated, you feel that isn’t going to be uplifting for your followers. I hate the feeling that I might let you girls down. Realistically though, me being more vulnerable with you girls shows that it’s OKAY to have ‘off days’. No one is 100% perfect all the time. So please, when you are looking through social media, don’t let it pressure you into thinking otherwise.

Time to get over the mindset that you have to be “perfect” ALL the time and become a realist. Achieving your goals doesn’t come from perfection, it comes from consistency! Setting unrealistic expectations and comparing yourself to others is truly a recipe for disaster girls. Striving to do YOUR best, is more than enough!

How to overcome your mindset that you have to be perfect all the time to get results?

Stop comparing yourself to others

How many times do you scroll through social media and walk away thinking ‘I bet she doesn’t give up like me?’ You compare highlight reels from the people you follow and wonder why you don’t have the willpower of that particular individual. Time to start looking at social media with a fresh set of eyes! I can guarantee you that the individual you are comparing yourself with would also have moments of weakness. They would make poor food choices, skip workouts, and have days where they just can’t be bothered! Most likely the difference between you and that person is their consistency. That individual might slip up, but they probably also just get straight back into it!

The key with getting results, and something I teach all my #LSFbabes in my challenges is the value of consistency with training and nutrition. If you let a weak moment turn into days or weeks, it really will hinder your results. If you have a rough moment and then move on, that will guarantee you a much more positive mindset and long-term results!  


Set realistic expectations and achievable goals

This is the basic rule of thumb for goal setting. When you are mapping out your goals, one of the essential parts of the process is to be a realist with your targets. Of course, DREAM BIG for your long term goals. But, to get to those goals you have to pass many small stepping stones in-between. Start planning it out, and ask yourself what achievable goals can you achieve between now and the end goal?

If you set up goals that are too far of a stretch, chances are high that you will fall off track before you hit that point, and be incredibly disappointed with yourself! Visualise it, just like I do for my WBFF competitions. I wouldn’t just jump on stage without having milestones to tick off along the way. I break it down into smaller increments and phases, so I can always be checking in with my plan and to make sure I’m on track and making progress. If losing a certain amount of body fat is your end term goal. Break it up, set realistic timeframes and achievable targets for that final number!

Download My Template Below and map up one of your big picture goals today...



Embrace the Moment and Make it Work into your day/week

There is no point in reliving something that has happened in the past a hundred times over. It has happened, acknowledge it, and move on! What I recommend you to start doing is working to become aware of your habits. If there is something negative that you keep on repeating, you don’t necessarily have to remove it completely. Try and make it work within your program…

For instance, if you love a particular chocolate. Why deprive yourself of this, only to later binge eat in a ‘treat yourself’ moment? A better approach may be to figure out a way to make it work in your macros? Or substitute it with something a little more macro friendly, like a protein ice-cream?  Learning to take hurdles in your stride instead of over thinking it will be a tool that you can apply to all life situations! Think of it as turning into a glass half full instead of half empty type of girl! Working on adopting a positive mindset will have the most profound impact on all areas of your life!

Ask yourself now, what negative habit can you take control of and turn into a positive in your life?

Happiness Comes From Balance

Happiness doesn’t come from mentally beating yourself up, or from being perfect all the time. As females, we have a tendency to over analyse situation. It’s that little train of thought that says “but what about…?” We easily overthink situations if we follow that thought pattern. Whenever you find yourself going down this path, take a deep breathe and remind yourself that nothing is ever as bad as it appears. Never compare yourself to the “perfect” situation, and work towards becoming more kind to yourself.

Your overarching goal should be a balanced lifestyle that includes being present in the moment. Always come back to this point, and know that a well-balanced lifestyle includes all aspects of life! Which includes occasionally indulging, high moments, making mistakes, learning from past experiences, and letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. It is all a part of the journey, and every individual goes through these phases.

I always think it helps to remind yourself that you're not doing this on your own. There are so many of us girls around the globe taking on these very same physical and mental challenges. So, when you want to give up and throw the towel in… Think of all the other girls who are fighting the same battle as you are and who haven’t given up! We are all in it together! Use another girls “got this” attitude as fuel for your fight!

Turn your weakness into your SUPERPOWER

Time to turn your Achilles heel into your strongest asset. Assess your life at the moment, and recognise your main areas with room for improvement. I like to sub-categorise to:






Within each of these categories identify the ‘weakness’ and then create an action to improve it, for example:


  • WEAKNESS: Find deadlifts difficult, so avoid the exercise completely

  • POWER: Practice deadlifts with low weight, high volume and MASTER the technique! Make it my favorite exercise.


It is one thing to read this blog and shout “YES, this is me” at the computer, now, it is on you to put it all into action. Take the tasks I have provided and start applying them to your circumstances. Change will only happen when you put the work in girls!

Time to throw out “perfection” and become a REALIST!