Confidence is something that people assume I have an abundance of. Most of the assumptions come from the fact that I am present on social media, and I am comfortable with my body… But honestly girls, confidence is something that I am ALWAYS working on! I am constantly putting myself in positions where I can push myself to break down any fear barriers that have held me back previously.

A perfect example?

Did you know that I hate public speaking? I am frequently improving on this skill set by doing more LSF events! I love meeting you girls, and getting to know your stories. Imagine if I let my fear hold me back from meeting so many extraordinary individuals? Before I take on any event I always remind myself that I am surrounding myself with the incredible #LSFbabes community, who I know get so much knowledge from my events! And, are always cheering for me to succeed! It always makes me feel so much more confident going into those situations with that positive mindset. The mantra I live by?

I never let the fear of failure hold me back from taking on the unknown!

The only way that you will be able to grow your confidence levels is by placing yourself in uncomfortable positions. Something that might come easy for another, might be incredibly mentally difficult for you! It is about recognising the things that scare you in life, and having an action plan to overcome the situation.

The basic formula for overcoming fears?

  1. 1. IDENTIFY the fear

  2. 2. Ask yourself WHY you might have this fear?

  3. 3. List the REASONS why you should get over the fear

  4. 4. Create an ACTION PLAN to overcome that fear

  5. 5. APPLY the positive reasons to the situation  

One of the questions I am asked by girls across the world…

“How to get over anxiousness going to the gym alone?”

Let’s apply the fear formula to this scenario…

  1. 1. The Fear (Identify)? Embarrassing yourself in the gym  

  2. 2. Why I have that fear? Because I am not confident in my skill set and am worried what people will think...

  3. 3. Reasons to get over the fear?

  • • You are doing this for you! Not anyone else!

  • • Most people at the gym are so focused on themselves that they wouldn’t even be watching you. They are too busy looking at themselves and focusing on their own training!

  • • You are in the gym to continuously improve whether you are a beginner or someone more experienced. If you are just starting out and your technique sucks and you are a little embarrassed… Keep going! The people around you if they are even taking any notice will be inspired by the progress they see you making!

  • • Don’t compare yourself to others in the gym. If you look around and see others killing it, remember that they too started as a beginner in the gym! Everyone is in the gym to be the best versions of themselves! Regardless of where you are at!  

  1. 4. Action Plan

  • • Be prepared. Have a program to follow where you know exactly what you need to be doing. My Lauren Simpson Fitness programs and challenges guide you every step of the way! I’ve filmed all exercises so you can follow along how they are done!

  • • Know your gym surroundings! Whether that is taking some extra time in your warm up to check out what equipment is available, or booking a personal trainer to help you get familiar! You could also start your session with a mat ab workout to check out your surroundings (I’ve added one of my favorite’s above)!

    5. Apply

  • • Time to get straight into it! The longer you put it off the more anxious you will get. You have taken all the steps to get you mentally prepared to take on that fear! Time to make the choice that a fear should NEVER hold you back from achieving the extraordinary!

It is also so important to remember girls, failure is not the worst that can happen! Failure means that you are trying something new! It means you are continuing to grow as a person, and for you to be able to see what you are capable of! Every failure will keep pushing you that little bit further to greatness! Take the fails with the success, and start looking big picture. When I reflect back, it is my failures that have truly defined me as a person, rather than success!

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