My Secrets To Staying Motivated

1. View Food As Fuel

Eating 5-6 clean, balanced, nutrient dense meals will ensure your body is using food to fuel your workouts and your metabolism will be on fire!


2. Train Like A Beast

Whether it is cardio or weights, make every second that you are working out count. You want a great body – WORK FOR IT!


3. Set Training Goals

I find setting strength goals very motivating as each session I want to be lifting heavier! You could also set goals around outdoor sprint times to motivate you when doing cardio. You need to be pushing yourself to get the most out of your sessions for optimal results!


4. Make Your Goals Happen

Write down your goals at the beginning of the week and make sure they happen! Even if it’s something small like 10 minutes extra cardio this week or to drink 8 glasses of water…it all counts!


5. Write Your Shopping List In Advance And Stick To It

This will help you stay on track and to avoid buying unnecessary items.


6. Listen To Music When You Train!

This can help put you in the mood to train and smash out those last few reps! Don’t stop when you feel the burn…keep pushing!


7. Work Out With A Friend

Having a training buddy can be great to motivate you and by keeping exercise social you will enjoy it so much more! But remember, you are in the gym to work…not gossip!


8. Feeling Hungry?

Drink a big glass of water to determine whether this is hunger or just thirst. Drinking water will also help to make you feel full! Try drinking green tea also!


9. Get Enough Sleep!

Try get at least 8 hours sleep a night. It is important to ensure your body is well rested and has time to repair. You don’t want to be walking around completely exhausted!


10. Track Your Progress

Instead of using the scales to weigh yourself, take your measurements and use photos as a visual record to see the changes in your body shape. Another idea is to keep a journal to record how you are feeling, what you are eating and how your training is going. This will keep you accountable!


11. Set Yourself Up For Success

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are interested and supportive of your lifestyle and goals, those who are encouraging, and those that are happy for your success. Have a look on the social media hashtag #laurensimpsonfitness to meet and follow other girl’s journeys! We are all in this together!


One last thing…Trust the process!!! Results don’t happen overnight. Eat well, trust yourself, make good choices, work your butt off (literally) and be patient…the results will come! When you start noticing the changes, all of the hard work you put in will be worth it. Trust me!