So many of the people that I look up to are all about their morning routines, and this got me thinking about what I do to start each day off well. Each of my days is different, I could have a photo shoot, be working on training videos, travelling for a show or event, working on my business or just have programming and my training to do. This means that it’s hard to depend on a set routine for me, but there are a few non-negotiables that I don’t compromise on each morning, no matter where I am and what’s on my schedule…

Get Hydrated

No matter where I am, the very first thing on my to do list is to start my day’s hydration off right! As soon as I get up in the morning I make sure I drink a glass of water to kick off my hydration and metabolism. Sometimes I like to add lemon wedges, cucumber slices, or even strawberries to add some delicious hints of flavour.  

Get Moving 

At the moment, as I’m headed off to WBFF worlds in a few weeks, I’m in a cutting phase, so I will take my OxyShred and head out for some fasted LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio. So many people I know swear by their morning meditation or yoga practice, but I feel my morning walk is my time to meditate.

Optimise My Nutrition From My First Meal

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I totally agree. While I don’t usually have breakfast the moment I jump out of bed, I do make sure I put just as much effort into breakfast as I would dinner. I really feel the nutritional standard you set at breakfast carries you through the rest of the day, both in terms of fuel as well as nutrient quality. My all time favorite (as well as my #LSFbabes favourite) is my apple pie protein shake:

Apple Pie Shake

Tackle My Biggest Challenges First

Whether it’s a huge task to do for my fitness business, or an intense training session that I know will challenge me, I try to get my biggest challenge out of the way early in the day. This way I can tackle them when I’m feeling at my strongest, both physically and mentally!

Start the Night Before

This isn’t always essential, but is super helpful (especially when I’m busy or travelling). I take the time at the end of each day to review my positives and negatives from today and start planning and scheduling for tomorrow. This involves:

  • • Planning my meals for the next day (if I haven’t done this already).

  • • Making sure my meals are prepped and ready to go.

  • • Making sure I have healthy snacks for the day ahead and that they are portioned out.

  • • Set small goals I hope to achieve the next day, these might relate to training, business or whatever I am working towards.

  • • Going to bed at a reasonable and regular time: training is hard on my body and muscle repair mostly occurs during sleep, so this is one of my biggest priorities.

What Not To Do

If you are aiming to reach your goals and be your very best each day, these definitely should not be daily habits!

  1. 1. Sleep in - getting your sleep schedule dialled is helpful in so many ways, and sleeping in is a sure fire way to end up feeling like you’re rushed and stressed!

  2. 2. Check your email first thing - I try to put this off until after I have completed my biggest task for the day, this way nothing gets in the way of me getting it done!

  3. 3. Skip breakfast - I have used fasting in the past, however at the moment, I find that if I skip breakfast I am lethargic and snacky later in the day. I make sure I start the day off with a nutritionally awesome brekky to help me get the most out of my day.

So babes, do you already include these non-negotiables in your day? If not, how can you include my examples, or your own non-negotiables, in a way that will help you kick the day off right?!

I challenge you to choose 1 new positive habit and stick to it every day this week, and see if it helps you get closer to your goals!

Love Lauren


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