My Guide To Supplement Timing


Hey Babes!

Since I have transitioned into approaching my health and fitness as an everyday priority, I have been focused on taking the smartest approach to getting both results and being my best. Through PLENTY of trial and error, I have found that there are certain supplements I cannot do without in my day to day life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to take supplements to achieve your goal! There are so many inspirational women out there that are doing amazing things, and only consuming whole foods. However, I have found that the best approach for my body and I consists of a combination between a diet that’s rich in healthy whole foods and a few select nutritional supplements. In today’s blog, I’m going to run you through these, why I use them and when I use them. I believe that education is fundamental in improving yourself, so I’m here today to help you to expand your knowledge!

My Essentials:

  1. • OxyWhey - Strawberry Milkshake

  2. • Blessed - Salted Caramel

  3. • OxyShred - Passionfruit

  4. • PSI



Why and How I Fit Supplements Into My Day

First thing in the morning = OxyShred + Acetyl L-Carnitine

OxyShred is EHPLabs’ thermogenic fat burner, that is not only great for mobilising stubborn fat, but is also a potent mood enhancer. I take it first thing in the morning, as it helps me to start the day on a positive note. It’s perfect for your morning fasted cardio because it gives you a boost of energy, kicks off your metabolism and can positively impact your immunity. Combining OxyShred with Acetyl L-Carnitine helps to encourage fat burning even further, as well as contributing to healthy heart and brain function.

OxyShred & Acetyl

15 Minutes Before my workout = OxyShred + Acetyl L-Carnitine, PSI or RPMax

RPMax is a high stimulant pre-workout that I occasionally use to give me a strong boost of energy to get me in the zone before an intense workout. I only take it occasionally because as an athlete, my body and mind are quite used to a consistent gym workout schedule as I have been training almost everyday for many years now. However, for many people, RPMax may be just the ticket to help motivate and energise you throughout your workouts when you want to increase the intensity and work harder for longer!

OxyShred is making another appearance here because I absolutely love it! I not only use OxyShred in the morning, but I also mix it with Acetyl L-Carnitine to have as my pre-workout. As I mentioned earlier, Oxyshred provides an energy boost at the same time as optimising fat burning, and the Acetyl L-Carnitine assists with muscle recovery post workout. This creates the ultimate pre-workout stack!  

If I’m doing a training session later in the day (after 4pm), I choose PSI as my pre-workout because it is stimulant-free. This means I get a boost of energy, have a better mind muscle connection, delayed fatigue, and because it doesn’t contain caffeine, it gives me such a good pump without leaving me too alert late into the night.

Beyond BCAAs

While I Workout = Beyond BCAAs

During my training sessions, I rely on Beyond BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) as it’s essential for muscle recovery from hard training sessions and it is super low in calories! Its benefits go beyond just aiding recovery, but I also find that it actually helps me to push myself further when I train and allows me to sustain high intensity training for longer.

I normally sip Beyond BCAAs throughout my session, but I will sometimes also mix up a shaker of Beyond BCAAs with a scoop or two of Acetyl L-Carnitine to sip on throughout the day when I’m in a fat burning phase. This helps me to recover and reach my full fat burning potential! Beyond BCAAs have earned its name as it contains more than just branch chain amino acids, but they also provide plenty of micronutrients, such as B vitamins and Vitamin C, that help with immune function, energy production and blood health. Beyond BCAAs come in a range of delicious flavours and I also love to have them when I’m craving a flavoured drink!

After I Workout = OxyWhey, Blessed or Isopept

For us women, the key with post workout recovery is to get around 25g of protein into the body as soon as possible after you have finished your session. IsoPept Zero is ideal for this purpose as it provides 25g of protein that is rapidly absorbed it and does not contain any fat or carbohydrates. This makes it the optimum protein supplement for lean muscle gain. I opt for IsoPept Zero after my workouts when I am focusing on a fat loss phase. OxyWhey and Blessed Plant Protein are two other protein supplements that are also great for a post workout protein hit! Also, Blessed Protein tastes SO good and it doesn’t have that gritty feeling that you get with most plant-based proteins. It’s honestly the most delicious and smooth plant-based protein that I’ve ever tasted. So, for all of you babes that don’t react well to whey protein or for those of you that are vegan, you definitely need to give this one a try!

Blessed Protein

When I am looking to really build lean muscle = Crea-8

When combined with a strength training program, Crea-8 has the potential to help increase lean muscle growth, along with improving recovery and mental performance. Creatine needs time to build up in your muscles, so it’s the most effective if you take 10 grams prior to your workout and 10 grams post workout for the first week. After 7 days, just 5 grams post workout is all you will need and you can mix it with your post workout protein shake too!

Meal Replacements - OxyWhey or Blessed Plant Protein

I take OxyWhey and Blessed Protein as meal replacement shakes because they’re delicious, quick and easy to have, especially when I’m on the go! OxyWhey and Blessed Protein are also my top supplements that I choose when adding protein to recipes, such as oats, smoothies, clean treats and a whole lot more! I tend to get really creative with my recipes when using OxyWhey and Blessed Protein because they’re super versatile, have a smooth texture AND they taste amazing! Adding protein to my recipes keeps me fuller for longer, stokes my metabolism, enhances my recovery and helps me get my daily protein intake to an optimum level.


Supplements I use every now and then:

Before Bed = OxyRem (or OxySleep for my Aussie babes)

Even though I train hard and eat well, I do sometimes find that I need a little bit of sleep support. For example, if I’m travelling overseas or have a hectic show or shoot schedule, my sleep can sometimes suffer. This is when I use OxyRem, which helps me to get high quality, deep sleep, plus, it also encourages night time fat burning and muscle repair and growth. I take it about 15 minutes before bed and by the time I’m all tucked up, I drift off really easily and then wake up the next morning feeling energised, refreshed and ready for the day!

If I’m feeling Bloated = H2Drop

This supplement works really well when taken consistently over a longer period of time, and I normally start to see results at around 4-5 days. It eliminates extracellular water (the water that makes you look bloated) without making me dehydrated. I find that it really helps to flatten out my stomach and it decreases the extra bloating just below my belly button, which is a problem area for a lot of girls!



When my gut is feeling sluggish = Detox Cleanse For Women

When my digestion feels a little slow in response to a repetitive diet or I get a feeling of plateau, I use Detox Cleanse. It contains prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen the healthy bacteria within your gut and support your immune system. It also has antibacterial properties and helps to rebalance digestive pH. I will take it for the full month to ensure my gut microbiome gets a full makeover! It’s also important to keep your diet as clean as possible while using Detox Cleanse, as the positive effects of the supplement will be counteracted by nutritionally poor foods.

There you have it babes, that’s all of the supplements that I use to really help me get through my daily training, shred for comps, and maximise my recovery and nutrition! If you have any questions about any of these supplements or my training and meal plans, feel free to get in touch with me via support@laurensimpsonfitness.

Now, remember that supplements don’t do the work for you, so get out there and get sweating!

Love Lauren