Here is a photo of me looking super lean, good lighting and baby abs popping through…but the reality is I often get bloated and certainly DO NOT look like this 24/7!  On social media you guys see only the best photos.

A few very important things to remember when it comes to bloating:

• It is extremely normal to get bloated after food
• I end up feeling bloated after a day of meals…which is why I take my photos usually in the morning!
• My body changes shape continuously throughout the day as does my weight… sometimes it fluctuates between a few kgs!

I hate feeling bloated and often leads to me feeling like I’m failing my diet and I’m never going to look like the girl in this picture again! I’ve learnt that this is just normal and I try do the best I can to manage it.

What I do to help bloating!

• Apple cider vinegar & lemon in warm water upon waking up
• Digestive enzymes & probiotics
• Have minimal gluten & dairy
• Adding ginger to my cooking
• Drinking peppermint tea after dinner
• Getting more sleep and lowering stress!


I hope these tips help!

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