How my #LSFbabes Progress with Me!

When starting a new challenge, it is natural to want to go HARD straight away and begin this new chapter of your life! I love seeing empowered girls who want to train and eat well within the @laurensimpsonfitness community because that means that they are dedicated to bettering themselves and changing their lives! Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | QuoteIt is important to understand how programs are structured when starting off. With my #LSFbabes I want to make sure that we are leaving room for growth, which means to begin conservatively before building upon this in terms of training days and intensity. So for the first two weeks of the challenge, the girls are performing a 5-day split. This will ease their bodies into the challenge, which is especially important for those who are new to resistance training or are coming back from a break. If they jump straight into 6 days per week training, it is likely that they will have intense muscle soreness which will limit their ability to train to their full potential for the remainder of the week. Starting with 5 days will help their body to adjust, before easing into a 6 day split with optional additional finishers and cardio.

We use a similar strategy for your steps. By starting with a conservative step goal, we ensure that there is room to progress. If we were to start with 15,000 steps in week one, the week 8 goal is likely to be extreme and unattainable! Whereas an 8,000 step goal in week one will progress to 15,000 by week 8 which is far more realistic. By starting small at the beginning of a program, your body has so much more room for growth and progression.LSF Blog | Getting Steps In OutdoorsA myth within the fitness industry is that you have to be in the gym for hours each day to see results. You do not need to perform a hundred different exercises and be at the gym for ages if you just work more efficiently. By performing a few carefully selected exercises at a challenging weight and with good form, you will see your body change. The intensity of your workout means so much more than the length! Once again, progressive overload is important. If you are doing a large number of exercises, it makes it more difficult to keep track and increase your weights with every exercise, which is detrimental to your results. You will also fatigue so much faster, being unable to perform all exercises to your full potential. 

In my Lauren Simpson Fitness challenges, we perform a smaller number of main exercises that you are able to continuously progress on and use booty bands for accessory work and finishers. 

Here is an example of a workout that you would find in my challenge!Lauren Simpson Fitness Blog | Lower Body WorkoutJust remember girls, that more does not always mean better! If you are participating in a challenge, trust your coach knows what they are doing and trust the process. If you need some guidance then make sure you check out my programs, because I would love to coach you!


Choose a program that meets your goals so you can become apart of our #LSFBABES Community today.