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As you girls know Mother’s Day is almost here! I have just got to LA, so this year I won’t be able to celebrate the day with my mum. Normally I would head to Tamworth to hang out with my mum at home. I feel like a lot of you don’t know how just how incredible my mum is. Just like me, she has a huge passion for fitness and living life to the fullest. When she isn’t creating amazing food in the kitchen, she trains really consistently and even does Crossfit. Ultimate training buddy right?

My mum is one of the main reasons I got into fitness! She was a fitness instructor and also has competed in physique competitions. To this day she continues to prioritize health and fitness and making sure that every day she makes room in her busy schedule to get both done. I honestly think I have her to thank for my passion for my healthy lifestyle.

LSF Mother's Day

I know for a lot of you girls it might be a different story. Depending on how you have been brought up, what your family prioritizes, and your health knowledge, you may not have been gifted with healthy habits from your parents The habits that we are brought up with, and the things that we are taught earlier in life can dictate our values and our lifestyles well into adult life. I am here to tell you right now, that regardless of the way you were brought up you can absolutely implement the new, or apply some of the old. I am fortunate that when I think about all of the skills my mum has taught me, I am so proud that I can apply them to everyday life, but the good thing about habits is that you can learn new, beneficial ones at any time.

My love for eating food to nourish my body and to move my body each day to feel incredible are things that I practice daily. I also think my passion for wanting to help people stems from my mum. She is one of the kindest people in the world, always goes above and beyond to help others and is so very selfless. Why not take the time to reflect this Mother’s Day on the things (and people) that have brought you to where you are today? Think about how they have defined you, supported and encouraged you, challenged you and given you opportunities to grow. Reflection should not be a form of punishment, but rather an opportunity for growth. To develop and continue improving ourselves it can be so beneficial to pull life back to the basics and then grow from there.

For me this Mother’s day it is all about celebrating the ways my mum has been there for me, pushed me and helped me to become the confident woman I am today. I know a lot of you girls may not be able to spend the day with your mum, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your mum or the strong, supportive women in your life feel special! Here are some ideas to show her how much you care:

  • • Bake her some “My Mum Is Sweet As Chocolate Caramel Bites”  Recipe below using one of my favorite plant-based proteins Blessed (this is particularly great for any girls who have tummy problems using whey protein). Make sure you use my discount code on checkout girls: LSF10  

My Mum Is Sweet As Choc Caramel Bites Recipe
  • • Send her a bunch of flowers

  • • Write her a card telling her everything you are grateful for, this can be especially powerful if you cannot be with your mum on this special day.

  • • Spend some quality time together

  • • Do a workout together

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  • • Start an LSF training program together so you can make a commitment to consistency together.

  • • Go to the movies together

  • • Make her breakfast

  • • Do a random act of kindness for any one of the women who has helped you get to where you are today!

  • • Give her a phone call and ask about what’s going on in her world, really focus on listening.

  • • Have a pamper day, where you go and do all the things your mum loves!

This is a workout that we did together last year in Tamworth. Who else thinks their mum would be up for the training challenge?!LSF Mother's Day Workout

Most of all on this Mother’s Day just tell your mum how much you love her! For my girls who don’t have someone to spoil today, go out of your way to do something for someone who inspires you, or has made a positive impact on your life. This is just another day of the year that you have the opportunity to remind someone significant in your life that you love them.

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