A Day In The Life: Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a nutrient partitioning strategy that has become super popular recently, and I get asked about it a lot! It’s an alternative way to reduce your food intake without the inconvenience of having to weigh and measure your food, or even follow a strict diet.

Why is IF so popular in the fitness industry? Well, according to recent studies, IF has a whole heap of benefits including inducing autophagy (the body's process of destroying unnecessary and unhealthy cells and replacing them with new, healthier cells), muscle maintenance, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function and assists in fat loss. IF is beneficial for retaining muscle mass, even though you’re not eating frequently. It drives up the growth hormone which is a anti-catabolic that helps preserves muscle mass!

Plenty of people love and swear by IF, but what exactly does it involve?

Check out some types of Intermittent Fasting below:

Types of Intermittent Fasting

Which type of IF is my fave? Well, I got great results from the 16:8 method! For this type of fasting, I ate between the hours of 10am and 6pm. I was in a calorie deficit, so the 16:8 method helped me with managing and controlling hunger levels and feeling fuller for longer as my meals were generally larger and condensed into a smaller time frame.

Here is why IF works for fat loss: You’re restricting the amount of time that you can or cannot eat, meaning any cravings outside of your eating window are curbed. However, the main thing to remember is calories. If you are hitting your calorie intake, regardless of if you do IF or not… You will get the exact same fat loss result. If you had 3 meals or 6 meals per day within a short or longer time frame but still hit the exact same daily calorie intake… You will get the same result.

I have experimented with fasting myself when I have been cutting for shoots or comps, and my #LSFbabes have been asking what I do during a typical day of IF. So, here is a typical day in my life when I’m doing intermittent fasting.


6.00am – Wake up

I start my day with a large glass of water and one scoop of Oxyshred (my favourite flavour is Passionfruit), which is a thermogenic fat burner that mobilises stubborn fat as well as providing a boost of energy! I also take Crea-8 (creatine monohydrate supplement) at this time for for muscle recovery.


8.00am – Coffee!

Coffee has been proven as a great tool to speed up fat loss! It also gives you energy for exercise and it’s not full of calories. There are plenty of studies that show that freshly ground coffee is high in healthy nutrients, such as antioxidants. I skip the milk, cream, and sugar though and only stick to black coffee when I’m fasting.


8.00am to 5.00pm

This is my work time where I write either articles, do online coaching, answer emails and phone calls or do photoshoots… No two days are ever the same! During this time, I steer clear of all solid food, but, if I feel like I need a boost of energy, I drink green tea or sip on water infused with natural lemon juice. I stay busy right through lunchtime to make sure I don’t stop and think about food. This means that I can be very productive!

I try and sip water all day and I find that keeping an insulated water bottle with me wherever I go helps to keep me hydrated. Water is great for cleansing and it speeds up your metabolism. It’s also filling, which is great if you are feeling hungry.


4.00pm – Breakfast

It’s time for my first meal of the day, which is also my pre-training meal. A lot of people break their fast with a binge which cancels out all of the benefits. As I’m going to be training soon, this meal contains complex carbs, protein, and some healthy fats. It’s usually something like grilled chicken or fish, lots of vegetables, some rice, and olive oil. Those that know me, or follow my meal and training plans, know that I am an advocate for nutrient dense whole foods, so even when I’m fasting I’m ensuring my body is getting as much nourishment as possible.


5.30-7.00pm – Workout

My favourite time of the day! Fully charged with energy from my breakfast (and maybe a pre-workout such as OxyShred, PSI or RP Max) I’m ready to hit the gym! Depending on the day, this workout will be strength training, cardio, or a mixture of both. I drink my Beyond BCAAs and Crea-8 throughout the workout to keep my energy levels high and preserve my muscle mass.

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7.05pm – Protein shake

I’m a big believer in post-workout protein to speed up recovery and muscle growth. So I make sure that I’ve got a post workout protein shake handy, if I can’t get a full meal in soon after training. My go-tos are Blessed Choc-Coconut Vegan protein, OxyWhey Delicious Chocolate and IsoPept Zero Chocolate Decadence (yes, I’m a sucker for chocolate!).  


8.00pm – Dinner

Dinner is another post-workout meal. I need to replace lost energy and provide my body with what it needs to recover and grow. That means more protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. This meal will be very similar to my breakfast but may be a little bigger as I don’t need to worry about having food in my stomach.


10.00pm – Pre-bed snack

My last meal of the day is designed to make sure my muscles have everything they need to keep on growing and recovering throughout the night. For this snack, I usually have natural yogurt with a few berries. Dairy foods like yogurt and cottage cheese contain slow-acting proteins which are perfect for night time. Also, the calcium they contain is good for your bones and can help with sleep.





6.00am – The cycle begins again!


There you have it, babes! That’s what a typical day of Intermittent Fasting looks like for ME. Everyone is different, so I recommend that you get the guidance of an Allied Health Professional (like your GP or dietitian) before commencing a fast, to make sure that you’re doing it in the safest and most effective way possible!


Loz xoxo

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