13 Tips To Increase Your Squat Strength

I get asked this question so often that I thought I would do a quick article on how you can increase your squat strength!

1. Number one is the most obvious… Squat! The more you squat the quicker you’ll improve. Aim for a minimum 2x per week if you are serious about increasing your numbers.
2. Incorporate squat variations – front squat, low back/high bar, boxlauren squats into your training routine.
3. Vary rep schemes – include strength based rep ranges as well as and hypertrophy. Strength (3-5) & hypertrophy (8-15). 4. Vary tempos – try paused squats, slow eccentric phase, 1 + 1/4 reps.
5. Form over weight. Ensure your technique is perfect before adding weight. It’s better to have good form than it is to be squatting heavy without it!
6. You don’t need to hit 1RM every session, it puts way too much stress on your body! Sub-maximal training is better for longer term strength gains.
7. When the bar is on your back keep everything tight!!! Squeeze your core, tighten upper back, push your knees out.
8. Your knees should not cave in! If they do, work on strengthening the muscles around your knee. Unilateral work is great, like front or back foot elevated split squats, step ups, one leg deadlifts etc.
9. Pre-activate your glutes with banded exercises to warm up. Some examples are crab walks, seated abductors, kickbacks, and pulse squats.
10. Eat a good pre workout meal! Usually something carb based will help you to maximise energy. My personal favourite is Chocolate PB protein oats made with delicious EHPlabs IsoPept Protein in Choc PB!

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