How To Become An #LSFBABE


The #LSFBABES are a community full of powerful, strong and confident girls who support one another and get the results that they set out for. When I first became a coach, my focus was on creating a community of women who support each other to achieve the extraordinary! My girls? Well, it has completely surpassed my expectations of what was ever possible. The community that stands today is a group of absolute BABES, who 100% hold each other accountable. I cannot take all the credit for the incredible results that come out of every challenge, because realistically, I have my #LSFBABE mini-coaches to also to thank! These girls listen to all the knowledge I give, apply it and remind it to all of their #LSF fam!

Whenever one of the babes post on the group page, it is not just me cheering them on. ALL the girls get behind making sure that girl is supported and reminded on just how incredible she is doing. It is pretty amazing to know that you always have this team behind you in this way.

So, why should you be in a group of other like-minded individuals?

  1. 1. They hold you accountable.

  2. 2. Remind you to get back on track with your workouts and diet.

  3. 3. Show you that we are ALL human, we are not perfect. The key is to get straight back into it and hit refresh!

  4. 4. Inspire you in new ways!

  5. 5. Cheer you on the days you want to give up, and cheer even louder when you achieve incredible milestones.

  6. 6. Get you excited about health and fitness! Someone else’s passion for the day could be just the thing that gets you up off the couch!

  7. 7. Make you laugh. Some of the fitness memes these girls find are absolutely hilarious!

  8. 8. Answer questions and discuss ALL health, fitness and life topics.

  9. 9. Make you feel a part of something so much bigger than just yourself.

  10. 10. Get you results - Consistency is and will ALWAYS be key!



Accountability is the number one way to reach our goals. For me, competing and photoshoots are a constant accountability check-in. When I know that I will be jumping on stage, or that I will be shooting it is an extra incentive to make sure that my body is looking the best it can. For my #LSFBabes it is that knowing that they are checking in with someone, or going on the same journey as them. In the LSF Community, we are all on a journey, whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle or creating a more positive relationship with food or exercise. If you need reassurance that you’re on the right track, or support when you feel as though you’re going off track, even if you just need some major inspiration then the #LSFBABES have your back!

So many of the girls post their transformations, and whether they’re big or small, physical or mental, I LOVE it! Not only is this an extra motivator for them to keep pushing through and working hard, but it is also so motivating for my other babes in the community. If you are having an ‘off’ day or week, seeing someone else smash their goals makes you want to smash yours even harder. I encourage the girls to not use transformation as a comparison to others journey's, but rather a source of motivation to keep on aiming high with their goals!


On the other hand, if a babe is struggling with their motivation or going through a tough life event, then all they need to do is post in the LSF page and they receive an overwhelming amount of love and support from fellow members. Sometimes it takes us longer to see our own physical changes that may be obvious to others, so the community is there to assure you that changes are happening and they notice those things that your eyes have ignored.

I absolutely love my clients and seeing them support and uplift one another warms my heart. I work hard to make sure that my girls are getting the best programs to transform their bodies, so seeing them help each other with mindset and confidence means so much to me! As a community, we cover all areas of health and lifestyle to make sure that you are as happy and healthy as you can be.

In the LSF group page, you can expect to see amazing transformations, positive messages, experience from other #LSFBABES and so much more!

Cajun Chicken Risotto Recipe | LSF BlogThe #LSFBABES are all going through their programs and challenges together, which means they are growing, overcoming and getting strong together too! We are just wrapping up my most recent GOAL GETTER challenge, the results that are starting to come through are literally insane! I am so proud of my girls and watching them progress. I cannot wait to get into the next Bikini x Strong Challenge… This one is going to be my best one yet!

Bikini x Strong | Sneak Peak WorkoutRemember girls, whenever you are looking at transformations or influencers on social media. They too had to start from somewhere! So don’t be afraid that you might be at a different part of your fitness journey. All it takes is one positive choice, like starting a challenge, going for a walk, drinking more water or picking up some weights to start your new chapter.

So, are you going to be shredding or building with me for my new challenge? I cannot wait to get to know my new #LSFBABES!!!

Choose a program that meets your goals so you can become apart of our #LSFBABES Community today.