Many people will tell you that it’s impossible to get the results you want just working out at home. True, you may not have access to quite the same array of machines and weights when working out in your living room. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress without a gym membership!


Everyone’s fitness journey is unique, and this means that home workouts have their place in many people’s training schedule. They may even be the IDEAL PROGRAM for some of us.


Here are some reasons why everyone needs access to a home-based program:


You Don’t Have to Leave the House!


For many of us who are new to working out, you may not yet feel confident and comfortable going to the gym, which sure can be an intimidating environment! The thought of sweating it out in class full of fitness buffs may not be something you feel ready for. And that’s where home workouts come in!


For many ladies out there who have little ones, just leaving the house is a huge effort! Getting your bags packed, the kids dressed and fed and everyone out the door is hard enough. Then you get to the gym, pop the kids in the creche and they have a meltdown within 5 minutes into your session! This is where home workouts are so ideal - you can wait till the bubs are sleeping, or you can do your session with them in a bouncy chair or even include them in your session as your very own cuddly little weight! If they’re a little bit older you can get them to try some of your activities too! Who said workout buddies couldn’t be mother & child?!


It Doesn’t Matter What You Look Like!


The benefits of training at home aren’t just for parents! If you’ve having a bad hair day, bad skin day, bad outfit day, home workouts are the way to go. You can wear whatever you want to your session (sports bra, pyjamas, even underwear!), you don’t have to do your hair or makeup (for those who prefer make up in the gym), and you can turn the music up as loud as you want!


It’s just you and your training plan, no one around to judge your HIIT-induced red face, or your recovery dance moves that help you loosen up your muscles after each set! You can let your workout freak flag fly and really get into your session, without worrying what people will think of you.



You Don’t Have To Commit To One Gym!


Choosing a gym is harder than choosing a hair dresser! You need one that matches your needs, your goals and really motivates you to get there day in and day out. This is a big commitment and if you’re new to training or changing your lifestyle, you may not be ready to commit to a gym long term. This is where home training plans come in! They will guide you gently into your new lifestyle, without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone or breaking the bank.


Take Your Program With You Everywhere You Go!


I personally think this is the best feature of an at-home program. If you lead a lifestyle that is fast paced and involves travel, you NEED access to an at-home program. Going from place to place, staying in hotels and never knowing exactly what facilities will be at your disposal, means exercise can seem ‘too hard’. When you have a home-based program to follow, it doesn’t matter what equipment the hotel gym has! It doesn't matter if you’re staying at your partner’s house! It doesn’t matter if the gym is too far away! Because you don’t need anything with you except your plan and a few hand held items like a sweat towel, a booty band, a couch or step or bench and some tunes to get you pumped up!


Home Training Essentials:


If you’re looking to get a few essentials to maximise your training at home here are my suggestions:



If you have nothing else when training at home, you must have a plan. My 4 Week At Home Training & Meal Plan provides you with 4 sessions a week that you can perform at home or even outdoors, as well meal plans to suit your individual needs and goals. If you have a well-formulated plan at your fingertips, you can achieve just as much at home as you can in a gym!


- Resistance bands 

Booty bands in particular, but the more you have, the merrier! These are some of the most versatile, handy pieces of equipment you will ever come across.


- Skipping rope

Great for quick warm ups, HIIT sessions and so versatile


- Swiss ball

Just like resistance bands, these are so versatile - you can use this one piece of equipment to give every muscle group a killer workout!


- Kettlebells or dumbbells

These are by no means essential, but carefully selecting a few key weights that suit your fitness level will really help you expand your home workouts.



My Top Five Home Based Exercises:


  1. 1. Ab Circuits

Pick 5 ab exercises, complete each for 30 seconds back to back! 60 seconds rest at the end. Complete 3 rounds. My favorite at-home ab exercises include bicycles, v-ups, russian twist, leg flutters and lying leg raises.


  1. 2. Body weight squats

There are endless possibilities to vary squats, your only limiting factor is your imagination! Don’t forget you can add booty bands to pump up the burn!


  1. 3. Plank or push up position

Works so many muscle groups and can be a challenge for beginners all the way up to experts! Once again, there are so many possible variations that you can never get bored!


  1. 4. Push ups

You can perform these on your knees, on your feet, with your hands raised, with your feet raised, single leg, the list goes on!


  1. 5. Booty Band Circuit

You know I love to work the booty, and there is no reason why you can’t build killer glutes in the comfort of your own home! Just pop on your band and try these exercise - lateral walks, clams, hip thrusts, side kicks and donkey kicks



Everyone, at some stage will need to have a well-planned home-based training program! We need to fit a healthy lifestyle into our everyday lives, so if this means you need or want to train at home rather than at a gym every now and then (or even everyday) go for it! Remember, the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do!


If this blog got you motivated to train from home, I’d love to see! Tag me @LaurenSimpsonFitness and use the hashtag #LSFbabes