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You started a new exciting challenge, prepped all your meals, took the before pictures, trained hard and began the first week off with a bang. Sounds familiar, right? The second week of the challenge comes… You didn’t do your meal prep, had a bad night's sleep, cake at work, and even skipped your Monday workout. Disaster. That messy Monday has turned into Tuesday, and here we are halfway through the week… Way over calorie budget, mad at yourself for failing, and feeling completely deflated. Fallen well and truly off the bandwagon…

Believe it or not, you are not the only girl who struggles with this battle. The good news? This isn’t going to be your pattern anymore. You are about to jump right back up onto the wagon, and stay up there for good!

Let’s make it clear babes, you are only human! Life will happen, and you may stray from your meal plan at times (I know I do). Which is totally okay. You may feel guilty, stressed and anxious for going off track, but you have the ability to learn to decrease that guilt. Sometimes you will have treats, enjoy food out with friends and even go over your calories for the day. This is what life is about! Taking in the moments, and learning to take the ups and the DOWNS in your stride.

The most important part of this process is how you choose to respond. Do you find yourself indulging and then automatically saying ‘oh well, I’ve failed now, I may as well start afresh next week’? This is the part of the mindset that we need to learn to adjust... I’m going to give you the tools, and knowledge on how to get back on track.

Here are some of my top tips:

• If you overindulge, from the VERY NEXT MEAL you are straight back into it. You don’t need a new day or week to get back on the path to achieving your goals. That can happen at any part of your day! Use this mantra - Accept it, learn from it and move forward.

Be a realist: Roughly try and calculate how many calories you consumed. It doesn’t have to be specific, but know the numbers for next time. I’m not telling you to feel guilty, it’s a thing of the past. Just be true to yourself. If you are trying to get serious results you need to accommodate those calories for your weekly targets. Can you adjust your meal plan for the rest of the week to help sway the numbers in your favour?

Visualise it: I want you to ask yourself why you had this blowout. Is this something that happens regularly? What triggers you to lose control? Brainstorm some coping strategies to help you manage the next you have a setback or slip up? Knowledge is power. Start being aware of what triggers you.

Be prepared: Now that you know what causes you to blow out. What can you do to be prepared for next time? Sweet splurge, I’ve provided an exclusive recipe from my latest challenge for a cottage cheese pancake treat (featuring my favourite EHP protein) that my #LSFbabes love! This meal will satisfy those sugar cravings, keep you full and help minimise snacking. 

Move on, no more beating yourself up a hundred times over. It’s done! Ask yourself, did you have a good time? If the answer is yes, then it was worth it. Life is for living not punishing yourself a hundred times over! Your nutrition should be an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, not working against or ruling it!

Get your body moving - Now I'm not telling you to get on the treadmill and sprint like a lunatic. Use those surplus calories for an extra energy boost. I like to recommend having your cheat meal on a day you know you’re doing a training session, this way your body will be using that fuel well. Go into your workout with a clear focus and intention, and absolutely go hard! Try one of my SAS 3.0 workouts for some serious burn!

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I want you babes to feel empowered and to have the knowledge to build a healthy relationship with food. It is time to forgive yourself for anything that has happened in the past, to not dwell on what has been and to get back on the path to becoming your best self. Keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this, your bigger picture goal. Progress comes from consistency, so let's focus our energy on the small wins each day. Believe me, they all add up!