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How do I get a swimwear ready physique, and keep it year round?!

I have been working hard over the years to shape my body, become bikini confident and stronger than ever. I started my fitness journey by undereating and overtraining. I rarely ate more than 1,000 calories! I lived off chicken, fish and greens, and felt I could only eat ‘clean food’. I restricted myself and cut out whole food groups. I was afraid to eat carbs, refused to dine out, did not allow myself to have rest days, and trained for hours every day. When I see it all written down like this, it is no surprise that my confidence and sense of self-worth were at an all time low.

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My training regime and my attitude to nutrition have completely transformed over the last few years. I’ve learned that food is not the enemy, rather it is the key to allowing my body to be extraordinary. I eat 2000+ calories and flexible diet, meaning nothing is off the table and I can enjoy the foods that serve me best. I eat to nourish and fuel my body, rather than restrict food as punishment. I don’t rely on the scales for my self worth as I once did. I lift weights to feel strong and empowered, and to shape my body. I dine out frequently and don’t suffer from the crippling anxiety I once did!

My mission as a coach to girls around the globe is to help them create the same sense of freedom, power, and joy over their lives and their bodies like I do today. I have created the Bikini X Strong Challenge which draws from these values and the way I live my life. My #LSFBABES are given the tools to take control back over their lives, and start being more confident in their nutrition, training and lifestyle choices.

When it comes to all of these factors knowledge truly is power. There is no point in depriving and running your body into the ground in the quest to be skinny or lean. You can absolutely create a healthy relationship with food, exercise and yourself and have year-round results!


So, how do you get Bikini x Strong?

  1. 1. Nutrition + Diet

The first place to start when getting your body into shape is your nutrition and diet. It is very simple girls, you can't out train a poor diet. Depending on what your end goal is your diet may vary. One of the best suggestions I can give to anyone who is looking to transform their body is to get your nutrition in check. Start becoming more aware of what you are putting in your body, what nutritional value it adds, and how it makes you FEEL. This awareness is a critical part of any transformation journey. It is not mandatory for my LSF programs, but most of my #LSFBABES are on calorie/macro based plans, and the most common feedback I get (aside from results) is that they love how much better they feel. Regardless of where they start in their fitness journey, this always an important part of the process.

I love seeing how my #LSFBABES apply this new nutritional knowledge to their lives. One of the best things I can recommend when starting off a new meal plan is to get the basics down. Start practicing the art of tracking your macros, whether it is written down or using an app, such as My Fitness Pal. Believe me, it gets easier the more you practice it! Many of you will be blown away when you see the calorie and nutritional values of foods…

To get the body of your dreams, you have to be a realist. Stop trying to fool yourself with some of your “healthy” food choices. You need to start looking at your goals and making sure what you are putting in your body fits. I also think that it is really great to see that you can make any food fit your macros! That is the beauty of flexible dieting, if you really crave something…. You can make it work into your macros each day instead of depriving yourself!

One thing I think almost every girl craves is donuts… and one of the wonderful things about food knowledge is how you can learn to indulge without guilt or compromising your goals! Case in point - you have to try these donuts one of my #LSFBABES, Laura created!!! I made these using a mix of my favorite EHP Labs + Blessed Protein powders. Make sure you use my discount code LSF10 on checkout!WBK Healthy Donut Recipe

Don’t stress too much about eating at specific times girls! Eating times don’t play an important role in the overall scheme of things. What matters the most is hitting your daily calorie targets based on your goals and your body’s needs! Meal frequency and timing is a personal preference. Look at your lifestyle and your schedule and structure your meals around what works best for you, and allows you to be compliant with your diet.

If you like eating more frequently (I definitely do) then go for it! Your meals will be smaller. Or, if you only want to eat 3 times per day, you absolutely can! Those meals will likely just be bigger to hit your calorie intake for the day. There is no one best way, find what works for you!

  1. 2. Workouts

One of the defining parts of a strong body is building muscle. The idea of toning muscle actually encompasses BUILDING muscle and DECREASING body fat. The training style that I most often practice is focused on increasing muscle size this is known as ‘hypertrophy’. Put simply, the best way to ‘grow’ your muscles and create shape is lifting weights, which will also help you retain muscles along the way.

Something that most girls think is that you need to change up your workout every week to get results and “shock the system”. In reality this is not the case, in fact, it’s almost the opposite! You need to give yourself time to master the basics and technique with the exercise, and then allow time for progressive overload, which can be achieved by lifting heavier, changing up your tempo (the speed you perform your exercises), decreasing your rest periods, or making the method of the lift more challenging. 

Constantly changing up your workouts every single week does not allow you to do this. You don’t need to confuse or shock your muscles quite as much as a lot of people think. Muscle confusion will lead to soreness but not necessarily to progress. Like I train myself, I want all my clients to be better and better with every workout! This means pushing yourself with those lifts. The only way we can monitor this progress is by doing them over and over again. You don’t need new fancy exercises every day.

The Bikini X Strong training schedule is 6 Days A Week:

  • 3 x Lower Body

  • 1 x Upper Body

  • 1 x Full Body HIIT

  • 1 x optional LISS

  • 2 x Abs

Like I said above, you need to also eat to fuel your workouts and take time for recovery…. Be consistent and patient! Believe me, the results will come! LSF Workout

  1. 3. Bloating

One factor that causes a lot of girls problems is bloating! Bloating can be caused by many things like stress, lack of sleep, illness, eating too fast, gassy drinks, food intolerances, menstrual cycle and so much more. I get bloated often and have been able to link mine to a few foods/drinks that trigger it. Generally, it will be from having way too much fiber in one sitting, soft drinks or due to that time of the month.

Some of my top tips to limit the dreaded bloat are:

  • • Drink more water and less carbonated drinks.

  • • Limit chewing so much gum (causes you to swallow air).

  • • Slow down while eating your meals, minimise distractions (aka put down your phone!) and chew food properly.

  • • Get your body moving.

  • • Minimise stress through things like yoga, journaling, walking self-care time, family time etc.

  • • Identify what foods may trigger your bloating and take action. I recommend you consult a dietitian to help you navigate the tricky area of food sensitivities.

  1. 4. The Most Important Factor...

Remove all ideas of what you should or shouldn’t look like and start embracing YOU. I get hundreds of messages from girls asking how they achieve certain body characteristics of mine. Of course I am here to give you all the tools to achieve amazing results, but at the end of the day, you have to get comfortable with being uniquely you!

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Start focusing on becoming the best version of you, and take it day by day, week by week! Believe me, the results will come, and on this journey, you will be the most confident, powerful, happy version of yourself. Ultimately that should always be your end goal focus!

Bikini x Strong FAQs

How long are the workouts?

Workouts will be approximately 1 hour, however, this will vary depending on your training experience, fitness levels and whether you choose to complete the optional finishers.

Can you save the workouts and meal plans to keep forever?

Of course! You can download every single recipe and training session to your email so you can enjoy the LSF lifestyle forever!

Challenging for advanced girls?

Yes! I have worked hard to update my exercises database, so there are some new, more advanced exercises in there, and I have focussed on ensuring my programming is progressive throughout the 8 weeks. Plus my advanced babes will know that by adjusting resistance, time under tension, rest time, and various other smaller details, you can make exercises and your overall training sessions more challenging. Remember, whenever you undertake a new training plan with new exercises, your body will be challenged in new ways, this means progression and improvement are a given!

What equipment is needed for the home option?

All you need for the home program is a set of booty bands, a swiss ball and a set of dumbbells. I recommend getting a set of bands that provide various levels of resistance such as my LSF Booty Bands. It would also be beneficial to use a set of dumbbells that has a variety of resistances, such as a set that allows you to change the plates.

Suitable for vegans?

The meal plans come in regular of vegetarian options, however, I have worked hard to include some vegan meal options. Vegans can swap out meals with animal products for plant-based options within the app or perform their own swaps for your own recipes.

What if I don’t have certain equipment?

You can swap similar exercises within my app, so if your gym doesn't have the exact machine you need, you won’t be stuck! I also wrote a blog on this exact topic here, so you can access that at any time also, or just get in touch with my team at to help with exercise swaps.

Can I go straight from #GOALGETTER to this challenge?

Most definitely! There will be a short break of a few weeks so you can use this time to take a deload from training, relax a little, assess your progress and refocus on your goals for Bikini X Strong!

Last day to sign up?

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