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Who else is looking for the perfect V-Day experience this year? Okay, girls, I know that it is stereotypically the male having to put in the work. But we are a group of boss babes, who like to be in control (at all times)! So, instead of waiting for your partner to spoil you with “traditional” gifts of chocolates and flowers. Let’s make it a little more about what you really want… Quality time with your loved one, anddddd working on those gains!

For girls rocking that single life, don’t stress, you can absolutely take on Valentine’s day with the girls. Your besties are just as deserving of you showing the love! So, what do I suggest for this V-Day you ask? Read on, I’ve got lots of fabulous options:

A Heavy Legs Session with Your Bae!

Here is one of my recent advanced leg day workouts that can be done with your partner. Remember, take your time with this workout and enjoy the moment. Focus on sharing quality time doing something that is good for both of you, and support each other to be your best!

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Go For a Walk Together Without Technology!

Okay, so for some of my #lsfbabes trying to drag your partner to the gym could be more stress than it is worth! One of the golden rules for relationships is to try to avoid pushing your loved ones to do something they don’t want to do. Instead, leave the phones at home and go for a walk! You will find the steady pace and outdoor environment will relax both of your minds, allowing the communication channels to open up naturally! In this scenario, there are no distractions, which allows you to connect on a really deep level. And once again, this is something you can do with anyone in your life, whether they’re your partner, bestie, sibling, whatever!

Cook a Healthy Meal For Your Partner

I think we have all done the extravagant meal that leaves you in a food coma. Potentially not so romantic? Whip up a favourite LSF approved meal that will make you feel light and refreshed, why not try zucchini noodle bolognese, cauliflower crust pizza, or maybe a turkey mince and bean stir fry? You could even head outdoors and have a picnic under the stars!

Whip up some bliss balls or your favourite clean treats (like my frozen EHP ice cream)

Something you can both enjoy guilt free! Your fitness goals don’t have to be thrown out the window just because of a special occasion. You are also in control of the experience so this means could get to pick a treat that will fit in your macros for the day! This EHPLabs strawberry ice cream packs a serious protein punch plus you get the added benefits of antioxidants, fiber, and micronutrients from the berries and almonds.

Avoid Alcohol

This may be a little controversial, but girls, just ask yourself how you feel after consuming alcohol? Do you feel positive and uplifted? Alcohol can have a negative impact on your results, so it’s best to limit or completely avoid it where possible! I would suggest substituting an alcoholic beverage with kombucha or add some fresh or frozen fruit to mineral water, like a refreshing summer cocktail.

Treat Yourselves

Go and get a couples massage, indulge in a besties spa or nails date, or just head out on a shopping trip! It is so easy to use food as a reward, I think it is so much better to use experiences! Doing something relaxing and indulgent like a massage will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged! No guilt to be found in an experience like this!

Need Gift Ideas?

I am all about being up front about gift ideas, unless your partner is a mind reader, sometimes subtle hints can lead to bitter disappointment. I have just launched My Ultimate 6 Week program. If you want to put yourself and your goals first, get results and feel damn confident in your body, this could be the perfect gift idea to blatantly hint to your significant other!

If you’ve got the training and nutrition side of things covered, I recommend boycotting the average box of chocolates, and instead going for something that will last! Great ideas include insulated drink bottles, sweat towels, activewear, skin or hair treatments such as a face or hair masks, even a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

The most important thing to remember this Valentine’s Day girls is to not compare your relationship to anyone else’s! What you share with your loved one is completely unique and special to you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, what gifts they are sharing or what “extra” thing they are doing! Because guaranteed what you two share won’t be anything like anything else in the world. The little things go a long way in life! So what little gesture are you going to do to make your significant other feel like the most important person in the world this Valentine’s Day?

Remember to tag me in all your #LSFBabes V-Day plans! Maybe I can even be inspired for my Valentine’s Day!

Xx Lauren