When it comes to holidays, how do you maintain your hard earned body, and also enjoy the moment? Can you fully relax over the holiday period? Should you be counting all your macros on holiday? Will you undo your hard work with a weekend away? I know so many girls worry about these very things! Today, I want to pass on my best tips for taking on your holiday break stress free (particularly with Easter hopping in fast)!

I think it is most girl’s constant battle to achieve the body of their dreams. because we are often comparing ourselves to other people, sometimes the body we long for may be almost “unattainable”. I know girls, it’s not easy. I can seriously relate because a part of my job literally requires me to be scored on the way I look.

Intermittent Fasting

3rd Mar 2019

Intermittent fasting is quite the buzz topic in the training world at the moment! One of the most frequent topics I receive questions about is intermittent fasting... What I think about it? Do I do it?

So, you are are looking to change your life? Lose fat? Tone up? Build muscle? Get fit? These goals are perfect, but they can be overwhelming and you might find yourself asking ‘where do I even begin?I?’

Active Valentine’s Day

12th Feb 2019

Who else is looking for the perfect V-Day experience this year? Okay, girls, I know that it is stereotypically the male having to put in the work. But we are a group of boss babes, who like to be in control (at all times)! So, instead of waiting for your partner to spoil you with “traditional” gifts of chocolates and flowers. Let’s make it a little more about what you really want… Quality time with your loved one, anddddd working on those gains!

You started a new exciting challenge, prepped all your meals, took the before pictures, trained hard and began the first week off with a bang. Sounds familiar, right? The second week of the challenge comes… You didn’t do your meal prep, had a bad night's sleep, cake at work, and even skipped your Monday workout. Disaster.

Today we’re talking everything carbs, arguably the most controversial of all the macros… Carbohydrates are a contentious topic in nutrition. A lot of people blame carbs for weight gain and may go so far as to eliminate them from their diet to speed up fat loss. The food industry supports this point of view by manufacturing low carb foods. In many ways this makes a lot of sense. Excess carbs are easily converted into fat and their presence can inhibit fat loss. But, does this mean you should eliminate carbs from your diet? Nope!

We have all been in the position where you’ve had a bit of time off training, you’ve been injured or busy and have been giving your training your all. For some, you are getting into consistent training for the first time ever.

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