Although having a structured workout routine is great for progress and working towards a long term goal, there are also many benefits of changing up your training style too! Especially if you have spent a significant amount of time doing a similar routine.

WBFF Worlds Update

12th Aug 2019

When I stepped on stage for the WBFF Worlds on Saturday, I had one thing on my mind. To beat the girl that took the crown in 2018. For 12 months I have had this on my mind. Every lift, every meal and every effort! In the time leading up to the competition, I knew without a doubt that I had beat that girl. It didn’t matter what I placed in the competition, or anyone else’s package. Because I was in the competition for myself, and the only comparison I made with was with me! No, I didn’t win the title, but for me, the crown doesn’t mean as much as what I think of myself.


24th Jul 2019

Over the last few months I have really been focusing on building my knowledge through study and training with industry professionals. This has been so beneficial and has taught me so much more about nutrition and training, and I am so excited to give this back to my #LSFbabes!

My Morning Routine

2nd Jul 2019

I believe that how you start your morning is going to set you up for the rest of the day. Waking up with a positive mindset is imperative to being productive and loving what you do! It is so easy to fall into the trap of being negative about going to the gym or work, instead of being grateful for having the ability to do so. It is time to change that

When starting a new challenge, it is natural to want to go HARD straight away and begin this new chapter of your life! I love seeing empowered girls who want to train and eat well within the @laurensimpsonfitness community because that means that they are dedicated to bettering themselves and changing their lives!

The #LSFBabes are a community full of powerful, strong and confident girls who support one another and get the results that they set out for. When I first became a coach, my focus was on creating a community of women who support each other to achieve the extraordinary! My girls? Well, it has completely surpassed my expectations of what was ever possible.

I have been working hard over the years to shape my body, become bikini confident and stronger than ever. I started my fitness journey by undereating and overtraining. I rarely ate more than 1000 calories! I lived off chicken, fish and greens, and felt I could only eat ‘clean food’, and I restricted myself and cut out whole food groups. I was afraid to eat carbs, refuse to dine out, did not allow myself to have rest days, and trained for hours every day. When I see it all written down like this, it is no surprise that my confidence and sense of self-worth were at an all time low.

As you girls know Mother’s Day is almost here! I have just got to LA, so this year I won’t be able to celebrate the day with my mum. Normally I would head to Tamworth to hang out with my mum at home. I feel like a lot of you don’t know how just how incredible my mum is. Just like me, she has a huge passion for fitness and living life to the fullest. When she isn’t creating amazing food in the kitchen, she trains really consistently and even does Crossfit. Ultimate training buddy right?

So, you are are looking to change your life? Lose fat? Tone up? Build muscle? Get fit? These goals are perfect, but they can be overwhelming and you might find yourself asking ‘where do I even begin?I?’

Active Valentine’s Day

12th Feb 2019

Who else is looking for the perfect V-Day experience this year? Okay, girls, I know that it is stereotypically the male having to put in the work. But we are a group of boss babes, who like to be in control (at all times)! So, instead of waiting for your partner to spoil you with “traditional” gifts of chocolates and flowers. Let’s make it a little more about what you really want… Quality time with your loved one, anddddd working on those gains!

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