6 Causes of Lower Back Pain


Unfortunately, almost every adult will experience some kind of lower back pain in their lifetime. Most people will avoid strenuous activity and even cease exercising in general! Read on to find out the causes & what you can do if you’re one of the many who suffer from lower back pain?


The problem with this approach is that it can actually undermine healing. Active exercises are almost always what’s needed to restore the spine and help mitigate back pain. If executed in a precise, steady and progressive manner, active back exercises sends vital nutrients to the disc space as well as soft tissues in the lower back, keeping the muscles, discs, joints and ligaments well. Movement can also alleviates stiffness, weakness, and muscle atrophy.


Possible Causes of Pain

  • Over-training

  • Bad body mechanics

  • Insufficient conditioning

  • A combination of all the above.


Most back pain heals swiftly, however some may linger or worsen. Should your back be painful for more than three days, see a doctor soon.


Strained Muscles


The typical reason for pain is a strained muscle. This occurs when one miscalculates strength or does not apply good body mechanics or form. Improper bending, twisting, or reaching are also common culprits. These result in inflammation, which triggers muscle spasms and intense pain.


Injury of a Disc


Our spine is composed of 24 vertebrae, which hold-up the back and safeguard the spinal cord. Gelatinous pads called intervertebral discs are in between these bones, helping movement of the spine. If these discs bulge, slip or tear out of alignment, severe pain will result. Disc injuries will usually mend spontaneously with rest, bolstered with exercises to strengthen the spine.




Spondylolisthesis occurs when a vertebrae slips in front or behind the one below it. This occurs in those who engage in activities with lots of twisting or hyperextensions of the spine, like golf or gymnastics. It involves back pain that is magnified as you arch your back.


Sciatica Pain


Sciatica refers to pain due to irritation of the sciatic nerve. Typically triggered by an inflamed disc pressing on the nerve, sciatica causes pain in the buttocks, lower back, thigh, knee or even the feet. Running and jogging is a common culprit of sciatica because of the high-impact and recurring stress on the lower back. Those who experience lower back issues will find that running or jogging exacerbates the pain.


Home remedies for Low Back Muscle Strain


So, what can you do?


If your lower back pain is caused by muscle strain, there are several self-care methods you can adopt:


- Rub the area using a heat ointment.

- Alternate between icing and applying heat to the area. This will help reduce inflammation and loosen muscles simultaneously.

- Observe perfect posture.

- Every morning prior to getting out of bed, lie on your back and gently stretch your arms above your head.

- Take gentle walks in between long bouts of sitting to stretch the hips (roughly every hour).


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