5 Tips To Lift Your Mood

5 Tips To Lift Your Mood

Hi girls,

October is a very special month as it’s Mental Health Week here in Australia and World Mental Health Day is on Wednesday the 10th of October (10/10). In light of this, I want to let you girls know that it’s okay to not be okay every day. We all have bad days. Whether it’s from a rough night’s sleep, a lot on your mind, swamped with work, feel exhausted, or sometimes it seems to be for no reason at all!

Whenever I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I have a list of little strategies I use to try to turn my frown upside down! We’re faced with a choice to be positive, so we’re in control of how we react to the little challenges we face. Whenever I’m feeling down, unmotivated or tired, I give one (or all) of these a go and they pull me out of my funk and get me back to kicking goals!

My top 5 tips to lift your mood

1. Be Active


It might be hard to get up if you’re feeling demotivated, but once you’re up and you work out, you’ll feel so much better! Exercise improves blood circulation and releases happy endorphins that lift up your mood! You also get that sense of accomplishment knowing that you smashed out your work out.


By ‘be active’, I don’t just mean an intense HIIT or resistance session, just get moving! Overwhelmed with work? Take 5-10 minutes to walk around the block to get your legs moving and get some breath of fresh air. This will refresh your mindset and increase your productivity. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 81% of participants showed an increase in creativity and productivity in their work AFTER their outdoor walk!


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2. Make sure your music makes you feel good


Play your favourite song! Sing, dance or tap along to the beat. Music has a relaxing effect on the brain, so it helps with relieving stress and depending on the genre, can assist with meditation. I have different playlists for different moods, and I use Spotify to keep them all organised. The type of music depends on personal preference! Create a playlist of your personal feel-good songs to get you started.

Feel good music


3. Turn to your support network


Speak to a friend, sit down with a family member or anonymously get in touch with a support organisation (eg. headspace or lifeline). Getting things off your chest can be one of the most therapeutic experiences. Your support network can help you to sift through the muddled up thoughts to come to a clear conclusion and help you keep things in perspective. If you’re turning to a friend or family member, remember to return the favour when they’re having an off day!




4.  Go outside


Go outside and immerse yourself in green spaces! Being engaged in nature also takes your mind off trivial stresses and helps to put things in perspective, along with calming your nervous system. Also, getting outside into the sun provides you with Vitamin D, which is essential for your body!

Personally, I love to do coastal walks because I can immerse myself in nature and get some cardio done at the same time. If you have some time to spare, I highly recommend going on a hike or walk along a beach.  


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5. Do something nice for someone else! 


Yep, you read that right. Acts of kindness can actually boost your mood and improve your relationships with people! It can be as simple as smiling, complimenting someone, lending a hand, paying it forward or you can even donate to a charity!


Be Kind


Take OxyShred

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Those are my top 5 tips to lifting up your mood! Again, keep in mind that it’s perfectly fine and normal to have a bad day. Just make sure that you take care of yourself, physically and mentally!


Mental Health Week 


Mental Health Fact


Your task for this week: Make a promise!


Mental Health Australia has created a ‘Promise Wall’ that has almost 30,000 promises made about de-stigmatising mental health, by people from all around the world! I encourage you girls to make a promise on the wall by clicking here. AND, head over to @laurensimpsonfitness on Insta to share it with me in the comments!


Promise Wall


If you need support, or know of anyone who needs support, please see a professional (GP or psychologist) or a get in touch with an organisation like Lifeline (Australian phone number: 13 11 14) or Headspace.



Loz xoxo

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