5 Tips To Build Your Gym Confidence

5 Tips To Build Your Gym Confidence

Stepping foot into the gym for the first time can be an intimidating experience! It can feel like all eyes are on you and the endless rows of machines and equipment can seem like a maze. Trust me when I say that everyone in that gym has felt that way at some stage in their health and fitness journey. Here are my top 5 strategies to help you pluck up the courage to finally walk into the gym and start taking steps towards building your dream body!

Walk in with a plan!

The most important thing to take to gym is a plan! This will allow you to move through the room with intention and will make it feel like you are making the most of your time there. All of my clients have access to their plan through my web app, so they can take it with them throughout their session. Plus, my programs include everything you need to know, like how to perform each and every exercise. I provide sets, reps, rest time and even have instructional videos! This way you can take a peek at your phone and move through your training session with an air of confidence and purpose. By the time you finish an LSF program or challenge you will walk into your gym with your head held high!

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Get a gym buddy!

Whether they have experience or not, having someone to hold your hand as you navigate your way around the various handles, pulleys and classes will provide a lot of laughs, and will also fill you with the confidence you need to build up some momentum. If you’re lucky enough to have a gym buddy that has training experience, you will get a fast track to gym floor confidence! Make sure you ask lots of questions and don’t feel shy if you don’t know how to adjust a machine. The best way to make the most of your gym buddy is to get comfortable being a beginner.

Working Out Together

Recruit a trainer or class

Most gyms actually provide an induction when you sign up - take advantage of this! Let them know that you are new to using a gym and make sure you ask to be shown how to use the equipment, including adjusting the weights and machine settings. If you have the chance, investing in a few 1 on 1 sessions will also leave you feeling more capable. Even if your intention isn’t to have ongoing personal training, if you are a gym/lifting newbie, you will benefit a lot from having a few sessions to guide you through equipment use and lifting technique.


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 Ask for help

No one is expected to know the ropes when they start anything for the first time, and a gym is no different. The staff are there to help you, and you’ll be surprised to find that there will be plenty of other members of the gym that are happy to help you if you’re unsure. This is such a great way to get a feel for the gym you’re at and also a fantastic way to meet new friends and develop a sense of community in your gym. It is important to note here, that not all gyms were created equal, so if you aren’t getting the help you need from the staff at your gym, then this is an issue. You can speak with your dollars by simply heading somewhere better, or you can offer some feedback to management and let them know you don’t feel your requests are being attended to.

Don't give up!

Even if you don’t feel confident or you’re uncomfortable and are unsure of your every move, believe me, everyone started here! Simply showing up day in and day out will help you to improve. Look around you, watch how other people are adjusting the equipment, do a little research of anything you’re unsure of and just keep plugging away!

Gym terminology

I also want to add a quick bit of info on the most commonly used words you’ll hear when you’re working your way around the gym. Knowing these will help you understand your program, will help you ask the right questions and will give you a little inside knowledge to make you feel a little more prepared. Here are some common gym terminology explained:

Gym terminology in-depth

My favourite thing about helping people in the early stages of their health and fitness journey is seeing their confidence in the gym (and within themselves) grow so drastically! Leave all of your doubts at the door and just give yourself 4 weeks. Take a look back to where you were when you first started and give yourself a huge pat on the back! You are becoming a new version of yourself, and soon, you’ll be walking around the gym with confidence.

In the Gym

There you have it, babes! Those are my top 5 tips to build your gym confidence. Drop me a comment on @laurensimpsonfitness if you have any questions! And If you want more info about my training plans and meal plans, click here.




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