Struggling to feel the burn in your gluteal muscles? Feeling like a lot of your glute exercises are actually toning your whole lower body rather than targeting the gluteus maximus, minimus and medius (your 3 glute muscles)?!

While there are plenty of exercises that will help you achieve a show stopping booty, the following exercises are tailored to really target these 3 muscles to give you the burn that can only mean a growing rear end!


1) Hip Abductions - This includes the ones where you lie on your side, using bands in a standing position, using bands in a seated position, using bands with walking versions and abductor machines. These really target the upper glutes!


2) Hip Rotations (External) - A little bit trickier with this one as you also have to mentally focus on glute activation here (think mind muscle connection). Once you’ve perfected your form, add resistance bands! This includes activities like clams and fire hydrants.


3) Russian Deadlifts - Russian deadlifts are awesome for your booty. Start with a lower weight (e.g. the bar) and once you’re well acquainted with this exercise, you can start to lift heavy - which can really enhance your gains!



4) Single Leg Hip Thrusts -  Be wary of this one - most people aren’t activating their glutes with the single leg hip thrusts! Lie face up on the ground with your one foot elevated on the bench/box and the other leg up in the air - both bent at right angles. Allow your glutes and hips to drive the movement & SQUEEZE your glutes together at the top of the contraction.



5) Kettlebell Swings - Similar to deadlifts, KB swings will really challenge those glutes. If you are a fan of pull-throughs, you will love KB swings. Again, ensure proper form is used so you feel your glutes being activated and challenged.

Correct technique is crucial to booty growth. If the technique is incorrect, then the glute muscles you’re aiming to build won’t be the primary driving force behind an exercise. This will mean other muscles will be doing the work for your booty and your gains will be compromised - not what we want at all!

Paired with a well-structured training plan, the appropriate nutrition is needed for muscle growth to get that lean body & also sculpting that right shape in your back, core, hamstrings, calves and more! This will result in a well proportioned, athletic and feminine physique.

Do you need help with achieving the perfect form and technique? All my exercises come with step-by-step breakdowns as well as instructional videos to show you how you can make the most out of a squat, a lunge, a pull up, etc., whatever your goal is! Take a look for yourself and let’s get started today!