Lauren Simpson Fitness 2018 Reflections

Lauren Simpson Fitness 2018 Reflections

I can’t believe that 2018 is over! This year has been an absolute whirlwind for Lauren Simpson Fitness, from the moment 2018 kicked off back in January it has been go go go, and I have loved every single LSF moment!

I wanted to take a little time to reflect over the highs from my biggest year yet at LSF.

Shred And Shape!

The year started off with a bang with my very first challenge of 2018 - my 8 week Shred and Shape challenge launched on the 22nd of January and it exceeded all of my expectations! The sense of community and positivity I felt from the moment we started was so uplifting. The SAS challengers committed wholeheartedly to the 8 weeks and some of the results were jaw dropping!!!

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Power Booty!

Next up in April I launched a challenge with a twist! A booty-focussed 8 week program that also aimed to help my #LSFbabes shed fat and create a strong but feminine body shape - The Power Booty Challenge. This was such a fun 8 weeks, with the girls learning that while spot reduction is a myth, training for muscle hypertrophy certainly is not! This meant that my babes managed to grow some impressive glutes over the course of the challenge, as well as create gorgeous curves AND grow their confidence too!

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SAS 2.0!

It's no secret, the Shred and Shape Challenge is my most successful program so I decided to run it a second time in 2018 - SAS 2.0 launched in July and saw women from all over the globe prioritise their health, fitness, and goals. By this stage, I was becoming aware that my challenges seem to be addictive because I had some women that had signed up for SAS, Power Booty AND were jumping on board for SAS 2.0!

I think the reason girls do challenge after challenge is because all of my programs are built upon pillars of SUSTAINABILITY and developing a POSITIVE, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. My challenges are not about training twice a day, 7 days a week, starving yourself, doing hours of cardio and eating boring, bland, repetitive meals!!! I aim to lead by example, and teach women all over the world that you can look amazing, live a balanced life and BE HAPPY all through the power of positivity, good nutrition, and lifting in the gym.

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Powerlifting/WBFF Bikini Competitor

Whilst I was planning my next big challenge for 2018 I decided to challenge myself in a big way - I committed to training for and competing in a powerlifting competition and on June 30th (just 8 weeks out from WBFF Worlds) I stepped out onto the platform and well out of my comfort zone! I learned so much from this experience about strength training, muscle hypertrophy, but also about myself, my body image, trusting the process and how seriously empowering it is to find out just how much your body is capable of!!!

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Straight after my powerlifting competition was ticked off I went into comp prep mode!!!

I gained lots of muscle and shape from my powerlifting training so my focus was to retain muscle and lean down to create the ideal feminine, strong physique. I took a risk by competing in powerlifting so close to Worlds, but I know my body and felt I could really make the timing work in my favor. The risk paid off and in August of 2018, I achieved my biggest fitness dream by being crowned WBFF World Champion! If you’d like to read a little more about what this process meant to me and what I learned, click here to access my blog on my WBFF Worlds win.

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$100K LSF Fit Challenge

Next up for LSF in 2018 was the LSF Fit Challenge! This was all about lifting your game in the gym, to produce amazing results both with training and physique. The FitChallenge winner, Kiara, said ‘this community has taught me to be supportive, take compliments and help people lift themselves. I am so happy for the amazing change I’ve made and love this lifestyle so much.’ I can’t wait to get to train with Kiara in 2019 on her winner’s weekend experience!!!

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Be Your Best!!

October saw the launch of a new kind of challenge for LSF - the 6 weeks to Be Your Best Challenge was so much more than a challenge, it was a platform for physical and mental transformation!!! I believe that change comes from your mindset and I wanted to create a challenge that didn’t just reflect this, I wanted it to help my babes transform their mental game! Throughout the BYB challenge, the girls completed physical and mindset challenges and focussed on empowerment and positivity. It was such a pleasure to see the girls learn how to use the techniques from the challenge to improve from the inside out!

One of my most dedicated clients turned LSF Ambassador, Bethan sums it up perfectly!

I have turned around my entire mindset this challenge to accept the things I can’t change, make the most out of what I have, and most importantly, APPRECIATE THEM!’ Due to the success of the mindset component of this challenge, I hope to be able to incorporate this aspect into all of my future challenges!

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Optus My Business Awards!

The positives don’t end with my final challenge of 2018! Shortly after Be Your Best launched, I found out that Lauren Simpson Fitness had been nominated for an Optus My Business award!!! It was so uplifting to know that people in the wider community had noticed the growth and impact of my little health and fitness business. I got the chance to spend the night celebrating with my whole team at the awards ceremony. It was such a motivating night, seeing so many other passionate people following their hearts, doing what they love and succeeding at it!!

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LSF Ambassadors!

I recently announced something that is close to my heart - I now have a team of LSF ambassadors!! These babes have been with me through thick and thin. I have watched them go from strength to strength throughout the year, they are such an inspiration!! My LSF Ambassadors will be helping me spread the word about living a balanced lifestyle and achieving your dreams, I cannot wait to work with them all in 2019! Stay tuned as I will be formally introducing them all to you very soon!

LSF Babes Tour!

The final event on the Lauren Simpson Fitness agenda for 2018 was my very first LSF Babes Tour Event in Sydney! I got the chance to have an intimate training and education session with some of my #LSFbabes and it was such a heartwarming experience! The most exciting part is that this was just the beginning, and I cannot wait to announce where my next stop on the tour will be!!!!

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Winner's Weekends

Other highlights of 2018 include my winner’s weekends, where I flew my challenge winners to Sydney to train with me and hang out. I was so emotional hearing in person how each challenge impacted the girl’s lives, how their confidence had grown, and the positive influence of the #LSFbabes community!

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OMG! 2018 was massive!!

The crazy thing is, I think 2019 is going to be even bigger! Starting off with Shred and Shape 3.0 on January 28th (which has a bunch of brand new features) I have so many big things in store for my #LSFbabes. I think the main thing I take away from reflecting back on the epic year Lauren Simpson Fitness has just had, is that you are only limited by the size of your dreams, so make sure you have your sights set on the stars babes!!!