November 29, 2015

Avoiding post comp blues

It’s only natural to feel somewhat down following your competition. We train/prepare for months, anxiously/excitedly waiting for show day as we count down the days, and wake up every morning seeing what changes have been made to our bodies as we better ourselves each day. Then BAM…comp is over. The next meals you have are not a must and you don’t have to do your fasted cardio every morning with no deadline in sight. That shredded comp physique is not maintainable and it is important to prepare yourself for this mentally.

Here are some tips to avoid post comp blues:

  • Throughout your prep don’t become obsessed that you lose sight of reality – of your friends, family and normal life. It will make it hard transitioning back.
  • Have a post comp plan – for your diet and training.
  • Spend some days off your diet to eat what you have been craving but when your post comp plan starts stick to it within reason.
  • Schedule in your cheat meals so you can keep control
  • Prepare yourself that you will lose this physique but think of the ‘off-season’ improvements that can be made when not in a calorie deficit
  • Set goals that aren’t focused on aesthetics. I LOVE strength goals to motivate me in the gym!

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